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Male Lead, You're Overpowered Chapter 37


Chapter 37: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 37

Ah Zhao watched herself get carried by Xiao Yan as he walked all the way the bathroom.

The most terrible thing is that after entering the bathroom, Xiao Yan doesn’t even have any intention to go out.

“Teacher, do you need help?” He didn’t put down Ah Zhao but he lowered his head and asked in her ear.

The scorching breath hit Ah Zhao’s ear and it can be seen by the naked eye how the pale skin turned red.

“No, no need.”

Ah Zhao felt that in the five years she didn’t see him, the familiar Xiao Yan now have a completely different feeling for her.

And also

Five years ago, she still looked at him with the gaze of looking at a child.

But at present, Xiao Yan is really an adult man.

Xiao Yan also won’t make things difficult for her. He obediently put her down and very gentlemanly went outside.

Ah Zhao sighed in relief and she held the sink for support.

But in the end, she really thought that things are too simple.

The body that had been in bed for so long, There! Is! No! Strength! At! All!

She found that her hands can only hold the sink in front of her but she doesn’t hand an extra hand to take off her pants!

But that kind of feeling in the body that everyone understands is unstoppable.
(TL: For those who can’t understand, it just means that she really needs to sit down on the throne(toilet bowl).)

Even if Ah Zhao’s mind is big enough, she still won’t let the opposite sex help her take off her pants.

She’s almost about to cry.

The system in her mind is a little fool and can’t help in this situation.

Standing outside, Xiao Yan didn’t hear any sound coming out from the inside, which was entirely expected by him.

For four years, every day, he had been feeding her and cleaning her body, no one knows better than him about his teacher’s body.

He was worried that Ah Zhao inside won’t be able to hold in her urine so he took the initiative to speak out: “Teacher?”

Ah Zhao didn’t speak.

Xiao Yan gloomily sighed: “Teacher, can I come in?”

There was a sound of muttering from inside which can’t be understood but there are no objections.

Xiao Yan entered and saw Ah Zhao who was shaking while trying to support herself on the sink.

Seeing him enter, Ah Zhao turned around with her eyes full of tears in grievance.

His heart was practically squeezed in an instant.

Without saying anything, Xiao Yan held the person in his arms and gently but firmly——pulled down her pants.

He placed the person on the toilet.

“Teacher can call me after you’re done.”

Before he did those things, Ah Zhao had completely closed her eyes——because it is too shameful!

Xiao Yan waited outside for almost half an hour.

He knew that Ah Zhao was too embarrassed at this moment so he can’t rush her.

He only went back inside after Ah Zhao called him.

Not knowing how Ah Zhao achieved it, her pants are now worn and she blankly leans against the sink.

When she saw Xiao Yan, Ah Zhao’s face is red again: “I…...I’m done washing my hands. You can take me out now.”

Xiao Yan couldn’t help but smile: “Your wish is my command, teacher.”

He bent down and princess-carried the person to go back

The first thing that Ah Zhao did when she returned to the bed is to cover her whole body with the quilt.

Without a doubt, it’s not easy to do the action. Xiao Yan perceived her intentions and stopped her.

“ Teacher doesn’t have to feel embarrassed. While you were in a vegetative state for five years, I did all the cleaning of your body.”

Under Ah Zhao’s unbelieving gaze, Xiao Yan lowered his eyebrows and smiled: “So there is no place in teacher’s body that I haven’t seen.”

Ah Zhao: “......”

Her eyes were wide open as she stared at Xiao Yan: “You, you, you, you, you……”

For a long time, she didn’t know what to say.

Xiao Yan looked at his teacher on the bed. Although weak, but brimming with liveliness in her anger. His eyes turned darker:

“I like teacher.”

“Now that teacher already woke up, are you ready to accept me?”

[End of Chapter 37]

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