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I'm trying to fix some pages of this site. I realized it's caused by the new blogger so links got butchered.]
[Fixed the links until 80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 10]

I will try to update every Friday from now on. There are currently THREE early access chapters of 80s Sweet Marriage on Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee.

By the way, if you didn't notice, I have been using the free Grammarly to proofread my translations, if there would be a wonderful person who would be willing to be an editor or proofreader for me, I bow to you and please be my editor-sama/proofreader-sama.


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Huntress Translations is dedicated to making fan translations of mainly Chinese Novels to English as of the current date. Huntress Translations doesn't guarantee the accuracy of these translations. 

The current owner and currently only translator of this site mostly use MTL. However, the translator is currently learning Mandarin so the accuracy of the translations in the website may hopefully increase as time passes by. 

The site welcomes any potential translators of any language to English with the requirements of the translation source to be accessible to the public and doesn't contain anything that violates the terms of use of Google and the law.

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