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80’s Sweet Marriage: Struggle for a Good Life


Novel Title: 80’s Sweet Marriage: Struggle for a Good Life


Author: Xiang Zi




Before rebirth, she was weak and it led to her losing 20 years of experiencing true love because of misunderstandings.


After rebirth, Su Nuo boldly declared her sovereignty: “Gu Chenglan is mine.”


Young Master Gu immediately raised his hand: “Yes yes, my wife is saying the truth.”


Young Master Gu swore an oath: I am a very principled man! Pampering my wife is my only principle. It’s that kind where there’s no bottom line.


Su Nuo’s famous remark: Unexpectedly, I'm suitable to be the richest man’s financial adviser and not only a good doctor. Even if you give me all you got, my family has me!




TL: Last three lines are hard to translate in words that can be understood but from what I see, it's not that important anyway(The story is the most important)... 

I probably need help on those three. I accept any suggestions or corrections in the translation on this page.

Is the title all right or are there better ways to phrase the title?

Did I make any mistake in translation? (I'm sorry, I haven't studied the language in a few months that I forgot them already. I'll try not to make mistakes.)

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