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Friday, October 02, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 38

Chapter 038: Caught in the act by my brother once again

“Next time you……”

Before Gu Chenglan had the time to finish speaking, he heard someone in the alley call out: “Xiao Nuo!”

Su Nuo heard it and shrank her neck while whispering: “Oh no, my brother.”

Su Yang went out to buy flour, he just came out of the grain store when he caught sight of Gu Chenglan and Su Nuo standing at the entrance of the alley.

“Big brother Su, hello.” Zheng Mingming quickly pushed forward her bicycle to the front, trying to cover Su Nuo.

Su Nuo nervously bit her lips. She really didn’t know how she would explain to her brother this time. After all, Gu Chenglan is about to send her off to her door.

Gu Chenglan still had his hands inserted into his pockets with a cold expression on his face. Bowing his head to glance at Su Nuo’s pale lips, his brows slightly knitted.

“Classmate Gu Chenglan, what a coincidence. Is your home nearby?” Su Yang wasn’t ill-intentioned but he was simply a bit vigilant.

Xiao Nuo is still too young and the two of them are clearly not in the same (social) class. Su Yang had no choice but to take exceedingly extra precautions.

Gu Chenglan raised an eyebrow. According to his temper, he was supposed to show a scowling face at this time. However, this person is Su Yang, Su Nuo’s brother.

Gu Chenglan pursed his thin lips and then gently breathed out. He turned his head and said to Su Nuo: “Next time, when your feet are completely healed, you can go out again.” Afterward, he naturally said to Su Yang: “I met her on the way. Her cycling skills are not good, and her foot is also not well.”

[Huntress: He tried to continue where he left off earlier “Next time you….”]

He clearly meant: I sent back your sister so kindly ah, she still even has her foot not healed yet ah.

Su Yang was startled and his attitude towards Gu Chenglan eased a little. If other fellow students also came across Su Nuo, they would surely also come to lend her a hand.

“Brother, did you buy some flour? Dumplings?” Su Nuo quickly changed the topic and then winked at Zheng Mingming: “Mingming, come eat dumplings at my house tonight ah.”

Zheng Mingming winked her small eyes a few times, her quick-wittedness came up right away. She turned her head to see him(GCL) off for Su Nuo: “Senior, thank you for today. We bought so many things that I’m afraid would be hard for us to carry back. I will buy you a soda later.”

Gu Chenglan shrugged his shoulders, with a look of paying no mind to it.

“Thank you for sending Xiao Nuo back.” Su Yang also had no choice but to express his gratitude.

In fact, no matter how you look at it, Gu Chenglan’s cold and arrogant manner does not resemble someone who’s fickle. And his sister has no tact and has a weak character, the two of them don’t match in all aspects, perhaps he really thought wrongly.

[Huntress: I didn’t know if I translated this right -> 顾丞澜这幅冷漠高傲的样子都不像是花心大情圣]

Gu Chenglan made an “en” sound. After a second thought, he took out his right hand out of his trouser pocket and waved it towards Su Yang: “You’re welcome, goodbye.”

“I’ll give this to you.” Su Yang stuffed the bag in his hand to Su Nuo and went to send off Gu Chenglan to the entrance of the alley as a courtesy.

Su Nuo put the bag on the back seat, took a breath, and patted her chest.

“Xiao Nuo.” Zheng Mingming nudged Su Nuo with her elbow: “Is that how you’re going to sneak around? If your brother catches you again, I won’t be able to help you ah.”

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Su Nuo glared at Zheng Mingming: “He’s my brother’s classmate. Isn’t it normal for him to send me back?”

“Senior had been waiting for us in the wholesale market, he’s idle enough to go out for some time. Is this normal?” Zheng Mingming has a “don’t think I’m blind” expression.

Su Nuo also felt extremely sweet in her heart, but she can only fiercely pinch Zheng Mingming’s arm: “I’m warning you not to talk nonsense ah.”

[Huntress: It’s in a playful way between friends.]

Zheng Mingming felt the pain and she immediately surrendered, expressing that she would certainly not make any irresponsible remarks.

Only then did the two people push their bicycles to her home.

Su Yang soon came back. Looking at his sister and Zheng Mingming laughing and chattering in the house, seemingly not hiding any sort of concerns, he finally felt relieved.

[End of Chapter 038]

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