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September 04, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 34

Chapter 034: Buying shares

“Finally.” Zheng Mingming’s voice finally broke the little pink bubbles around Su Nuo.

“Thank you(informal).” Su Nuo jumped out of the back seat of the bicycle. She was somewhat ill at ease and hid her trembling hands on her back, rubbing it secretly: “We’ll go in and buy things, but it will take a long time.”

Gu Chenglan did not disembark from the bicycle and just stepped on the ground with his long legs as support. He slightly tilted his head to look at Su Nuo, asking: “What are you buying?”

“Some little things, such as accessories and snacks, as well as stars’ stickers.” Su Nuo pondered and said: “You can return to where you parked by taking the bus with the No. 7. It would take 5 stops.”

Although she looked forward to being accompanied by Gu Chenglan, she also felt that Gu Chenglan would not have any interest in these things.

Rather than being disliked by Gu Chenglan for being troublesome and long-winded, it is better to let him leave early.

As expected, Gu Chenglan frowned but he didn’t say words like ‘girls are annoying’. Instead, he asked: “Why do you have to travel so far to buy these things?”

The most incomprehensible point for him is that Su Nuo risked her life to buy these things while having such bad cycling skills.

“Here…… is cheap.” Su Nuo bit her lower lip then thought that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about this: “This place is a wholesale market. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be. Come once a week and it will make me earn more profits.”

“You want to do business?” Gu Chenglan dug into his pants’ pocket, seemingly pulling a cigarette out. However, he didn’t find it after a while, only to remember that he left it in the car.

“You can say that. There is no such store near the school, but these little things are popular among the students.” When Su Nuo said these, she had a smug smile on her small face.

Gu Chenglan froze for a moment, the irritation brought by not finding cigarettes was swept away.

He looked at Su Nuo’s smile. He suddenly felt that although this little girl tried to put on an unscrupulous businessman look, planning the cheapest small business, she had the most open and transparent heart. She even looked adorable.

“Then how much capital do you have?” Gu Chenglan seriously asked all of a sudden.

“Ah?” Su Nuo was startled, then touched the small purse in her pocket, “Twenty yuan.”

“......” The corners of Gu Chenglan’s mouth twitched. He forced himself to hold back his smile, then he took out a bill from his pants pocket and handed it over: “Buy shares.”

Su Nuo looked at the one-hundred-yuan bill between Gu Chenglan’s white slender fingers. She hesitated a bit and pushed it back in the end: “I reject. This is the business between Mingming and me, the profit is more or less ours. Suddenly joining with so much money, do you only want to invest, or do you want to grab the role of the chairman?”

"pfft" Gu Chenglan finally couldn’t help laughing out loud: “Do you still know what a chairman is? It’s one hundred yuan, even if it’s 50% of the shares. Because I don’t have the interest in coming here every week, let alone sell things, so you can receive more money, and the shares can be accounted for less.”

“That won’t do.” Su Nuo shook her head: “If your stake is more than 40%, it will be a threat to us both.”

Gu Chenglan was taken aback.

He really couldn’t understand the little girl’s thoughts. Playing house is not as serious as this, right? Also, holding more than 40% of the shares, he just wants to help her make a fortune.

“Umm……” Zheng Mingming watched the flirtatious banter between the ‘little enemies’ in front of her, turning on the wattage of the light bulb that she is.
[Huntress: flirtatious banter(打情骂俏); little enemies(小冤家) > 冤家(enemy; foe; (in opera) sweetheart or destined love)]

She softly pulled Su Nuo’s sleeve: “Xiao Nuo, I don’t think I need any shares. You just make money and buy me stickers. You should divide the shares between you and handsome senior.”

[End of Chapter 034]

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