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Friday, September 18, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 36

Chapter 036: You two are sweet enough

Su Nuo and Zheng Mingming heard the discussion between the store owners and looked at each other as if being reminded of something.

“Let’s go, let’s go.” Su Nuo quickly emptied a hand and pulled Zheng Mingming as she ran out.

When they walked out the entrance of the wholesale market, they saw Gu Chenglan crouching under the big tree while he turned the pedals of the bicycle with his hand.

The rear wheels of the bicycle were suspended in the air by the bike stand. It spun quickly as the pedals were turned, also issuing a burst of *buzz* sound.

“You didn’t leave?” Su Nuo walked over and squatted down. She asked: “Did the bicycle chains break?”

“It didn’t. It’s just that my hands have nothing to do.” Gu Chenglan shook his head and patted away the dirt on his hands. He made a gesture with his mouth, which can be clearly interpreted: he still wants to smoke.

Su Nuo stared at Gu Chenglan’s slightly pursed lips and her face blushed red.

She remembered that at the time she was in charge of helping Gu Chenglan quit smoking in the previous life, he would pout his mouth like this and then kiss her cheeks.

“This is for you.” Su Nuo quickly took a lollipop out of the plastic bag, unwrapped it, and stuffed it into Gu Chenglan’s mouth.

It’s unknown if the reason is that Su Nuo was too anxious or Gu Chenglan dodged a little. The lollipop slipped along the corner of Gu Chenglan’s mouth and the back of Su Nuo’s hand happened to press against Gu Chenglan’s lips.

Gu Chenglan has a pair of thin but angular lips. His lips were soft and soft, with a trace of coolness.

It was suddenly pressed against the back of Su Nuo’s hand and it made her suddenly freeze. She didn’t hold the lollipop well and it fell to the ground.

Zheng Mingming stood by the side and watched the lollipop roll on the ground and become dirty. She inwardly thought: Oh no, the dividend is lesser now. You two are sweet enough, can you both please stop spoiling sugar?

Gu Chenglan’s face also blushed red, he pressed down Su Nuo’s empty hand in front of him and bent over to lift the plastic bag in Su Nuo’s other hand.

Su Nuo’s heart warmed up at once. Gu Chenglan is so embarrassed and couldn’t even hide his flustered appearance but he still remembers to help her carry things.

“So heavy? How much did you buy?” Gu Chenglan frowned and looked at his pocket with narrowed eyes.

He carefully thought a little, curious about what the little girl in front of him would like.

“Those are bulk goods. If there’s nothing they like, they are probably blind.” Su Nuo, with her 21st-century vision of picking things, would definitely see the gadgets of this era as too old-fashioned.

However, the advantage of this is that Su Nuo chose something that is relatively unpopular(or unknown). Every time she would come up with something, Zheng Mingming would make a fuss, praising her on how she picks.

Gu Chenglan promptly shifted his eyes away due to the lack of interest. He was only a little curious about the little schoolgirl in front of him and he doesn’t have a hint of liking to other girls

“Xiao Nuo.” Zheng Mingming suddenly pulled Su Nuo’s hand, her eyes winked, and looked to the side.

Su Nuo followed her gaze and saw a tea egg seller, “Are you hungry?”

Zheng Mingming put her hands on her stomach, but with Gu Chenglan nearby, she can only nod in embarrassment.

“Wait. I’ll buy it.” Su Nuo lifted her foot to go there. However, Gu Chenglan held her back: “The stuff sold on the roadside is not clean.”

“Then you……” Su Nuo opened her mouth and wanted to tell him, ‘Then you can invite us to eat’, but when she saw that the corners of Gu Chenglan’s mouth are quietly raised, she swallowed it back and instead said, “Then don’t eat!”

After speaking, Su Nuo already went towards the tea egg stall in large strides,

Even though she told him that, Su Nuo still bought six tea eggs and divided them with two for each person. How could she be willing to starve Gu Chenglan?


[End of Chapter 036]

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