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September 11, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 35

Chapter 035: No dividends yet, you make me buy cigarettes already

Zheng Mingming felt that she was very wise, not mixing in between a married couple’s household’s affairs. She’s just here to run errands but she had to make a cameo as the third wheel.

Su Nuo’s eyes widened. She turned back to Zheng Mingming with a stare of ‘hating iron for not becoming steel’: “Do you really want to give up the shares? If my business expanded in the future, you might lose a lot of money.”

“Then lose it, I don’t have the fate of becoming rich.” Zheng Mingming was particularly without care when she said: “Just buy me stickers and give me some snacks once in a while.”

“It’s worthless.” Su Nuo gave Zheng Mingming a glance before taking the one hundred Yuan bill from Gu Chenglan’s hand, slightly shaking it: “Your shares can be regarded as 40%. Mingming has 10%. Finally, I get 50% of the shares. Our joint-stock school shop is officially opened, the first dividend will be distributed…… before the summer vacation begins.”

Su Nuo didn’t have an intention to refuse Gu Chenglan’s ‘investment’. She can take advantage of this to have more opportunities in having contact with Gu Chenglan.

Furthermore, Su Nuo became aware that Gu Chenglan must have a distinct feeling for her by the time he took money from his pocket to buy shares.

Otherwise, with Gu Chenglan’s character, even if he was kind enough to send her over, he would definitely leave right after they arrive here.

Zheng Mingming had no objections. She didn’t understand the matter about shares but she felt that she had to respond to Su Nuo’s proposal. And so she appropriately clapped her hands in agreement.

Gu Chenglan watched the two little girls in front of him and couldn’t help but laugh again.

The way Gu Chenglan’s mouth corners hooked, his eyes bent, and his eyelashes trembling as he laughed looked so good...

Su Nuo’s state of mind became unstable as she stupidly stared at Gu Chenglan.

“I don’t want the dividends. Buy me a pack of cigarettes first.” Gu Chenglan gently pulled Su Nuo towards the small cigarette stall at the side of the road.

“There are no dividends yet, you’re make me buy cigarettes already?” Su Nuo collected the one hundred yuan and took Zheng Mingming inside (the market).

Zheng Mingming didn’t forget to remind him: “Handsome senior, you can just lock the bicycle in the bike shed. I have the key here with Xiao Nuo. Goodbye, and thank you.”[Goodbye = see you later = 再见]

Gu Chenglan pursed his lips and exhaled slightly. He glanced over at the cigarette stall, looking pensive.

As long as it is a girl, no one would dislike these small things. Especially those glittering accessories and the round colorful candies.

Su Nuo and Zheng Mingming went around the wholesale market and carried two plastic bags in each hand already.

Only at this time did Su Nuo realize how important Gu Chenglan’s 100 yuan investment was. Just relying on the 25 yuan in her pocket, she could only buy a few dozen stickers and packs of snacks.

“Xiao Nuo, what if they don’t buy what we picked?” Zheng Mingming handed plastic bags to another hand and shook the fingers that already had red marks on them, then she also did it to her other hand.

Su Nuo shook her head: “It is certain that there will be someone who will nitpick and some things will not sell well. But the key is how we sell it and how we pair thighs up. You should come to my house later and let’s pack these things up.”

Zheng Mingming nodded, but she still couldn’t comprehend what Su Nuo told her.

“This should be enough. Let’s return.” Su Nuo was also a little exhausted from shopping. She walked out carrying the things with Zheng Mingming.

As a result, they heard the little boss talking a few stalls from the entrance:

“Did you see that boy at the entrance? He’s so tall and handsome.”

“Waiting for his girlfriend. Oh, he’s so patient.”

“Unfortunately, my daughter is still too young, or else I will go over and ask him if he wants to be my son-in-law.”

[End of Chapter 035]

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