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August 31, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 33

Chapter 033: Sweet bubbles

Su Nuo’s feelings immediately switched from nervousness to sweetness when she realized that Gu Chenglan wanted to take her on a ride.

Gu Chenglan pressed his lips together and stared at Su Nuo’s face that ca fit his palm. He also happened to notice the joy that flashed across the girl’s face that soon turned scarlet.

Gu Chenglan blinked, his heart beat has a chaotic rhythm. At the same time, he felt satisfied.

He said to himself, how is it possible for this little girl to feel complete indifference for him? Obviously, she should be turned into a fool by his handsome face.
[Huntress: I couldn’t get the reference for Huang Mao in 黄毛小丫头一个 so I just rephrased the whole sentence. If someone has an idea, you can comment. Thanks.]

“Sit…… at the back?” Gu Chenglan hesitantly asked but his eyes were glancing at the front beam of the bicycle.

“At the back.” Su Nuo recovered the feeling from the past life. It was the first time they rode a bicycle together when they were experiencing their first love together. They both argued over whether she should sit at the back or at the front.

However, Gu Chenglan didn’t argue with her this time. With his long legs, he got into the seat. His body arched as he grabbed the handlebars. He even tried on the brakes with two squeezes.

Su Nuo bowed her head, took small steps and sat in the back seat. Her heart started beating faster and her palms became sweaty.

“Let’s go.” Gu Chenglan said. He abruptly pushed his feet on the pedal before his voice completely faded.

Before the sweet bubbles in Su Nuo’s mind completely floated up, she staggered and her body leaned back. She even almost fell straight down.

Zheng Mingming exclaimed behind them.

Gu Chenglan also immediately stopped the bike, he put one leg on the ground for support and reached back with one hand to pull Su Nuo back from the dangerous fall.

Su Nuo patted her chest and breathed out a long breath[“phew”]. She really didn’t expect that Gu Chenglan would do that.

“Stupid ah, hold on tight.” Gu Chenglan took Su Nuo’s hand and put it on his waist. He made a sound like “cao[f***k]” and released her hand then he wiped his hand twice on his pants.

Su Nuo’s faced blushed more fiercely. She knew that her hands were full of sweat but she didn’t expect Gu Chenglan to disdain her that much.

“Hurry up with your other hand.” But after Gu Chenglan’s disdaining action ended, he still took Su Nuo’s other hand to his waist then still rubbed the hand he used on his pants.

Su Nuo couldn’t help but laugh with a “puchi[pfft]”, a pair of small hands only gently pinching the hem of Gu Chenglan’s clothes, she said: “We’re going to the wholesale market.”

“Direction.”Gu Chenglan said and started cycling.

This time, Gu Chenglan didn’t pedal hard and he rode very stably. From time to time, he would look back to glance at Zheng Mingming who followed. 

It should be mentioned that the moment when Gu Chenglan is patient and careful, he will be very gentlemanly and warm.

Zheng Mingming was a little uncomfortable when she rode her father’s big bike but riding this female-style bicycle is pretty good.

However, she still didn’t come closer and staying a short distance behind them, secretly staring at Su Nuo’s blushing and slightly smiling face. She would glance at Su Nuo from time to time.

Gu Chenglan was tall and has a wide back. Coupled with his youth and vitality, he was full of vigorous heat when riding the bike.

Su Nuo can smell the detergent powder from behind Gu Chenglan. It was clean and refreshing but has a faint smell of tobacco, neither strong nor pungent, which gave a touch of manliness. 

This time was Gu Chenglan’s most youthful and charming period, with the wildness of a teenager, but also not failing to take away the coldness and stillness of a man. It is the unique state between being a boy and a man that is hard to not to get close to.

Su Nuo felt her happiness come back again and she almost suffocated in the sweetness, but she also hated that she couldn’t pounce on Gu Chenglan’s back and rub her cheeks on his clothes.

[End of Chapter 033]
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