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August 26, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 32

Chapter 032: Gu Chenglan is a little upset

Su Nuo knew that Gu Chenglan could drive but she didn’t know that he could drive this early.

When Gu Chenglan arrived at the sixth middle school at first, he was picked up by car. Later on, when he and Su Nuo have hazy feelings for each other, he would pick her up.

The two people walk side by side and quietly hold hands.

Sometimes, he would also ride a bicycle. Gu Chenglan wanted Su Nuo to sit in front but Su Nuo always sits on the back because she is embarrassed.

But obviously, Gu Chenglan in this life shows off a lot, he is actually already able to drive a car at this time? He….. He has a driver’s license, right?

Su Nuo had a lot of thoughts in her head and she was visibly distracted.

Gu Chenglan honked the horn again, opened the door, and went down.

The cigarette in his mouth wasn’t lit, he pulled it off and threw it in the car. He held the door with one hand and motioned with his mouth: “Get on. Where are you going?”

Gu Chenglan expressed his attitude obviously. First, he told them to get in the car and then asked them where they were going. He had the intention to send them and not just to take them on a ride.

“Senior, hello. Oh, Thank you, senior.” Zheng Mingming returned from her daze after a brief surprise.

In her perspective, her being able to greet the handsome senior is because Su Nuo’s halo covered her so she frequently winked at Su Nuo to ask her what they should do regarding the two bicycles.

Su Nuo looked at Gu Chenglan’s black car, then looked at the bicycle. In the end, she shook her head: “There’s no place to put the bicycle. We’ll still ride my bike instead. Thanks anyway.”

Concerning Gu Chenglan, Su Nuo didn’t think she could call him the word “senior”. However, she also couldn’t call him his first name immediately so she could only blur out the title.

Gu Chenglan squinted, secretly a little upset.

The driver has an important matter to do today so he drove out alone today to get some fresh air.

But it is such a coincidence and it just so happened for him to see a girl with very bad biking skills to amuse others.

In fact, Gu Chenglan had already followed Su Nuo for three streets. He watched Su Nuo turn outwards several times and nearly rubbed against the cars passing by.

Although all are dangerously avoided in the end, that kind of heart-stopping scene made Gu Chenglan’s scalp go numb.

Afterward, Gu Chenglan had to drive the car closer and he always kept on being on the rear outer side of Su Nuo, trying to block some of the cars that might get close to them.

But now, this little girl actually doesn’t appreciate it?

Gu Chenglan squinted his eyes, he moved his lips to make a smoking action but he realized that there was nothing in his mouth.

“Get in.” Gu Chenglan repeated once again.

But Su Nuo still didn’t move, even quietly retreating a little. Gu Chenglan slammed the door in a bang and made large strides towards Su Nuo.

“Really no need, thank you. You still have something you need to do, let’s go.” Su Nuo’s heart jumped thump thump. Her palms were sweating due to nervousness.

She felt that she was already acting low-key and she didn’t intend to get involved with Gu Chenglan at this time. Why is he still unwilling to let her go?
[Huntress: That last sentence is interpreted. It has the idiom “不依不饶”. If you're curious about its literal meaning, just copy it and google it. (lazy mode of explanation)]

Gu Chenglan slightly closed his eyes and tried to suppress the fire that rose up in his head. He turned his head and hooked his finger at Zheng Mingming: “Give me the bike.”

“Eh, ok.”Zheng Mingming was actually obedient and pushed her bicycle towards Gu Chenglan.

Gu Chenglan took the bicycle’s handlebar in one hand and pulled Su Nuo hard on the other hand. Seizing the opportunity, he kicked the Su Nuo’s bicycle and ordered Zheng Mingming: “You ride this one.”

Zheng Mingming held the bike, and bless her soul for being able to understand the intentions of the handsome senior. She hurriedly rode on the female-style bicycle, turned her head and winked at Su Nuo.

[End of Chapter 032]

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