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Saturday, August 08, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 31

[Huntress: To be honest, I've only rushed to translate this chapter today and posted it immediately after I finished so there's no next chapter yet. Every time the ML is not present in the chapter, I have a big drop in motivation. Romance is inspiration and motivation but there's no romance if ML is not there. Maybe, I'll finish the next chapter faster than this chapter.]

Chapter 31: The sound of honking

Su Nuo’s lines once again made Su Yang stop on his tracks. He saw his sister’s lost and sad eyes beside his head. He inexplicably felt his heartache.

“Don’t say that.” Su Yang patted Su Nuo’s head with the back of his hand: “No matter what happens, brother will protect Xiao Nuo and the people who love you. You must promise your brother to be happy in your life. You must always smile and be happy.”

“Brother.” Su Nuo’s hand pinched her brother’s shoulder, but she’s afraid of him being hurt so she kneaded instead: “What are you talking about? Who wants you to protect me? I, I haven’t grown up yet.”

After saying that, Su Nuo’s face is red again. Merely, the sweetness and grievance in her heart continuously interweave with each other.

Regardless, Su Nuo will certainly not fail to live up to this life, whether it is her grandma, her mom, her brother, or Gu Chenglan, she will strive to cherish them well.

Two days after Su Nuo injured her foot, Su Yang carried her on his back to go to school and back.

However, Su Nuo didn’t forget about the small business she had just started. Every time between classes, she lets Zheng Mingming hold her up and actively hop to different classes’ doors to sell celebrities’ stickers.

Wang Yingying really did have a rich family. Nearly half of the stickers they sell are bought by her. Several of them can be considered to be out of print, Su Nuo set the selling price of it twice from the original price she bought them.

By the end of the weekend after school, Su Nuo counted the change in her pocket and discovered that she actually had more than 20 kuài(currency?) in her pocket.

“Mingming, I’m going to the wholesale market tomorrow. Do you want to go together?” Su Nuo wanted to go with Zheng Mingming.

She remembered that Zheng Mingming had always accompanied her in the most frustrating times in her past life.

Unfortunately, Zheng Mingming’s marriages in her past life had always been problematic. Her first husband was violent and beats her while the second husband is lazy and doesn’t work.
[Huntress: The second was described to be “好逸恶劳” which can mean loving ease and comfort and hates work. I guess the second husband is too indulgent. Should I just use “loves to indulge” instead?]

Later on, Zheng Mingming had to work outside for her two children. She was humiliated by her boss but she had to suffer in silence then she became estranged from Su Nuo.

Su Nuo was powerless in her previous life. There’s no other way she can help other than to give money and buy things for the children.

In this life, Su Nuo wants Zheng Mingming to live a better life, find a man who really loves her and will cherish her.

Zheng Mingming has a restless temper. When she heard about going to the wholesale market, she immediately agreed to go.

“Ride by bike. I will also borrow a bicycle.” When they are about to separate, Su Nuo urges her.

Early the next morning, Zheng Mingming really came. The bicycle she’s riding has her father’s everlasting brand, with a very large frame.

Su Nuo borrowed her neighbor, Zhang sister’s, Flying Pigeon(飞鸽, a famous bicycle brand). The female-style bicycle looks relatively more delicate than an ordinary one.

But it’s been a long time since Su Nuo rode a bicycle. She just started riding and it moved in an unstable and crooked way, causing Zheng Mingming to laugh at her all the way.

“There’s still a long way, would you like to take a break?” Zheng Mingming finally could not stand it anymore and decided to stop halfway.

Su Nuo wiped off her own sweat, jumped off the bicycle, and massaged her two stiff legs. She felt so tired.

*honk* *honk* suddenly a sound of car horn came from behind them. Su Nuo and Zheng Mingming thought the area where they stopped was blocking the road so they quickly moved aside their bikes.

But the car behind them is still honking and (the driver) seemed to be urging something.

“Are you sick? We are already on the side of the road, then we’ll go to the sidewalk.” Zheng Mingming couldn’t help but yell and then looked back in amazement. She then immediately called out to Su Nuo: “Don’t you think the driver seems to be… the handsome senior?”

“Who?” Su Nuo also froze for a moment, then suddenly realized what she said.

When she turned around, she saw a black car parked behind them. Through the windshield, she could see Gu Chenglan sitting on the driver’s seat with a cigarette on his mouth and honking leisurely.

[End of Chapter 031]

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