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August 03, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Things have not even begun to take shape


 “Xiao Nuo, that Gu Chenglan…… he is your brother’s classmate.” Su Yang stopped at this point so that he could look back at his sister, “But he seems to be different from us.”


Su Yang’s tone is serious: “Xiao Nuo, do you understand what your brother is saying?”


“I understand.” Su Nuo’s palms started to sweat.


Of course, she understands but she can’t control herself and she felt impatient.


Although her brother was worried about their feelings in the past life, he didn’t stop both of them.


He just reminded her to pay attention and have a sense of proportion. Besides, with the convenience of being classmates with Gu Chenglan, he helped his sister keep an eye on his future brother-in-law.


However, it seems that her brother has this kind of serious expression, and his tone is a little bad. Does her brother not like Gu Chenglan?


“Xiao Nuo, you’re still young. Although you don’t do well in your studies now, brother knows that you’re smart. Your poor grades don't represent your future but your brother still hopes that you will study well.”

[Huntress: He didn’t specifically say future in the raws but I understood it like that so I freely interpreted what he said.]


Su Yang took a long breath and said: “These lines should be said by mom but you know that our mom always dotes on both of us and she won’t say such serious words to us. But now that dad is not here anymore, your brother is responsible for taking care of you, teaching you, and protecting you. Do you understand, Xiao Nuo?


“I understand. Brother, I really understand what you meant. What you mean is…… Gu Chenglan and I are not the same and don’t provoke him because you’re afraid that I will suffer and get hurt.” Su Nuo had to say those a little more bluntly to reassure her brother.


She’s still in love with Gu Chenglan and even when she saw him, she couldn’t help but remember the past life and it makes her want to hug Gu Chenglan firmly.


But Su Nuo also clearly realized that it’s only who had a rebirth. She shouldn’t be impatient nor should she not show her feelings early.


There’s nothing she can do. Who made them meet each other at the wrong time?


When Su Yang heard his sister’s reassurance, he relaxed a bit. He at least knows his sister well, Su Nuo is a really obedient and well-behaved girl in her bones.


“Brother, let’s not tell mom about this.” Su Nuo gently tapped Su yang shoulder and said with a little begging in her tone.


“Pff” Su Yang laughed: “Nothing has even started yet, what can I tell mom? If…… Gu Chenglan really wants to be your brother-in-law is what you want to say, you hope that brother can stand by your side and help you say nice words to mom.”


“Ah?” Su Nuo was stunned for a moment, only to think about her brother’s words in her mind and finally understand that her brother is just purely joking. 


In her brother’s cognition, she and Gu Chenglan has never had an intersection before. Therefore, her brother only made an ironic remark.


“Brother, if we start a relationship someday, you will have to help me.” Su Nuo held onto her brother’s words first.


Su Yang smiled and nodded clearly: “Brother promises you. As long as he treats you well, as long as he is sincere to you, as long as he guarantees that he will love you dearly for a lifetime and cherish you, brother will agree. No matter what that person’s identity, status, or family, your brother will always be by your side.”


“Brother, what if he’s willing to die for me? A man who is willing to use his life for me because he loves me, is he also worthy of my love?” Su Nuo leaned her head against the side of her brother’s face as she asked earnestly. A the same time, she felt an ache in her heart.


Although she already had a rebirth, that moment when Gu Chenglan’s blood flow like a spring into her arms, it seemed to have only happened ten days ago for Su Nuo.

[End of Chapter 030]

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