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July 30, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 29

[Huntress: I had a bad dream about there having very bad comments in the site. I got too scared that I had to publish this early.]

Chapter 29: Bro, it’s not easy ah

Su Yang is a good student in a traditional sense, excelling in both morals and studies, and he had no bad habits.

Although Su Yang wasn’t a snitch who goes to the teacher to report, he thinks that the boys who smoke in school are not good.

There are a lot of rumors regarding Gu Chenglan in his class; it’s obvious that he(GCL) has a Beijing accent if you listen, that he has good family conditions, his family background is strong, and he has a car for transportation to school.

There was even a time when a passing teacher caught Gu Chenglan smoking but pretended not to see and walked past him.

Added with the fact that Gu Chenglan always had a cold face and indifferently resist people’s closeness to a thousand miles away. It seems that the teacher is not willing to provoke him at all. It also seemed as if Gu Chenglan is incompatible with the school.

But it is very out of the ordinary for such a boy who is so different, who exudes a sense of arrogance and superiority from his bones to walk towards his own sister. He even greeted her with concern and absolutely not so indifferent. It’s certainly not normal.

Su Yang remained alert as an older brother and speculated with the same male thinking. He had always thought that there should not be any intersection between his classmate and his little sister.

But no matter what thoughts Su Yang had, Gu Chenglan actually ignored directly. Not even answering Su Yang’s question, he just asked Su Nuo once again: “Did you already apply medicine?”

“Ah, the school doctor massaged it with medicinal wine.” Su Nuo struggled to control her heartbeat, for fear that the rhythm of the beating of her heart would be discovered by her brother.

In fact, with Gu Chenglan’s temper, it’s already benevolent for him to just return her book to her.[Huntress: It meant that he can already leave since he had already done his purpose.]

But he found that the Su siblings are both tense and had an alert look towards himself. The evil part of his mind came out. 

Gu Chenglan suddenly didn’t want to leave yet. He wants to tease Su Nuo more and he feels that it’s quite fun.

“Does it hurt so much that you can’t walk?” Gu Chenglan asked again.

“I, I can walk.” Su Nuo held the book in her hand and slowly loosened her hold on her brother’s neck. She wants to walk a few steps to show her strength.

Su Yang felt distressed and immediately put her on his back, looking at Gu Chenglan and seriously said: “My sister is really a bit badly hurt. Thank you for your concern. We’re leaving.”

After speaking, Su Yang was about to leave in strides.

But he heard Gu Chenglan say behind him without urgency: “Bro, it’s not easy ah. She’s quite a bit heavy.”

Awooo! Su Nuo really wants to jump down and bite Gu Chenglan to death. Can’t he make his words not make people’s imagination roam?

Su Yang paused a step, but he immediately walked away while carrying Su Nuo.

Gu Chenglan gave a “tsk” and smirked. He watched Su Yang wide long legs “escape” with his sister and felt that it was really fun.

Su Yang finally stopped after walking far away from school. He slightly looked back at his sister who was resting her head on his shoulder, “ Xiao Nuo, can you give your brother an explanation?”

“I can.” Su Nuo had been waiting for her brother to ask.

To reconstruct the truth of the matter as much as possible, trying not to arouse her brother’s suspicion and disgust,  Su Nuo had to tell him the truth.

“Brother, it was really Zheng Mingming who pulled me to leave. We just want to ask you a question together. No matter how, he didn’t carry me and he didn’t hug me. He just supported me with his hand when I was about to fall. I, I don’t know why he said that.” Su Nuo tried to explain it with false confidence.

She really doesn’t know why Gu Chenglan would say such ambiguous words. It is so much not like the Gu Chenglan in her memory.

Su Nuo’s face turned red as she got more anxious, a bit shy and a bit angry as well, but the way she spoke was urgent and it made her breathless, proving how serious she is.

[End of Chapter 029]

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