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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 28

Chapter 028: Scared of Being Discovered by Brother

Su Nuo remained silent and didn’t answer Zheng Mingming’s question. In fact, she can’t explain it to her. She can’t say that she can start a big business by relying on sales of stickers.
Zheng Mingming’s careless temperament makes her the kind of person who asks questions. Since Su Nuo didn’t say it, she will ignore it.
After classes, Su Nuo asked Zheng Mingming to find Su Yang for her. Su Nuo’s foot really hurts and she wants Su Yang to carry her back home.
Su Yang is tall and handsome, with the gentle temperament of a top student but not rigid, he’s a heartthrob of high school.
As soon as Su Yang went to the middle school area, a lot of young girls immediately became smitten.
“Brother, you’re really popular.” Su Nuo lay on her elder brother's back, glanced at the girls who looked in jealousy and envy then she looked at her brother with full pride.
“Nonsense.” Su Yang pretended to be serious, “I really don’t know what’s going on that little melon head of yours. You should study well. Don’t…… Classmate Gu Chenglan?” 
Su Yang suddenly called out this name, which startled Su Nuo. Her hands suddenly clasped on her brother’s neck and stiffly looked up.
As a result, she saw Gu Chenglan strode towards them while holding a book in his hand.
Su Nuo was reminded that she lost the physics book on the road at noon.
Gu Chenglan saw Su Nuo being carried on the back of a boy. The two people can be observed to be smiling and talking intimately. 
Gu Chenglan doesn’t know what’s wrong with him. They are obviously in the same distance but his sight only fell on Su Nuo’s face, he could see the bright smile on her beautiful face clearly. However, he didn’t even notice whether the male student carrying her was round or flat, tall, or fat.
It wasn’t until he saw Su Nuo’s smile freeze and stare at him did Gu Chenglan’s bad temper broke out in a flash: Why does smile like a blooming flower when she’s being carried by others in their back but when looking at him, she looks stupidly? Or is she really stupid?
Gu Chenglan has always been used to being chased and he also suspected whether Su Nuo was using the trick of “playing hard to get”. However, the arrogance in his bones doesn’t make him tolerate being ignored.
Gu Chenglan stuffed the book in his hand into Su Nuo’s arms. When he gave a little glanced at the boy carrying her, he felt a little relieved in his heart.
It was only then that Gu Chenglan realized that the boy carrying Su Nuo was actually her brother.
“Does your injury hurt?” Gu Chenglan glanced at Su Nuo’s feet, his eyes flashing with concern.
“No, not that much.” Su Nuo’s face turned redder and she lay stiffer on her brother’s back.
Gu Chenglan actually directly came to greet her and it made Su Nuo feel as if her heart was hit by a deer. It made her feel scared that her brother will discover something.
“Classmate Gu Chenglan, You and my sister….. You know each other?” Su yang had a gentle smile on his face, but he also couldn’t help being suspicious.
In fact, everyone in Su Yang’s class knows Su Nuo. Almost everyone praised that Su Yang has such a beautiful sister, also joking that they will wait for his sister to grow up or something along those lines.
However, Su yang knows that most of them don't really have any evil intentions. It’s true that Su Nuo is really cute and beautiful and she also has a particularly good temper so it’s normal for her to be pleased with them.
As long as it is in kind faith and praise, Su yang will not be hostile to his schoolmates. He just needs to protect his younger sister tighter so that no one will have any thoughts on her this early.
But this Gu Chenglan in front of him is different.
Gu Chenglan receives many gifts from girls from various classes every day. The degree of his popularity can be imagined.
And Su Yang had seen Gu Chenglan crouching on the corridor while smoking.

[End of Chapter 028]

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