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June 26, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 27

[Huntress: I'm actually not that motivated to translate this story. The story is only so-so as some reviews say. I'm also trying hard in real life to earn because this situation is really becoming difficult for my family. No one would probably pick up this story so I will continue translating it. This story is good but it is not that special. Thank you for all the support and I will try to continue this but there are no guarantees. I don't want to promise again and then nothing happens.]

Chapter 027: School Shop

Su Nuo knows that it's difficult to make big deals with these little things.

But this can make small profits with big turnovers, fast-in fast-out, there's almost no risk of getting a loss.

She wants to start from scratch and the first pot of gold is especially important.

Zheng Mingming finally came back and put two small bread on Su Nuo's desk: "Eat ba, there's only this and it's a little hard."

Su Nuo picked up the bread and opened the package to take a bite. The taste isn't very good, it should be almost expired.

"Mingming." Su Nuo poked Zheng Mingming's chubby waist: "How much pocket money do you have left?"

"No more." Zheng Mingming sighed: "The day before yesterday, I bought a 20 whole set of Liu De Hua's(Andy Lau) stickers. Each of it looks so good that it made me want it for myself."

"Come on, don't pretend to be poor. How much money do you have left from New Year's?" Su Nuo didn't let her go.

Zheng Mingming put down the bread and brought her palms together with a serious face: "My mom told me she'll save it for me and she will give it back to me when I go to college. However, I suspect that she already spent it because my mother told my dad before that she was still lacking two hundred."

Su Nuo realized that it's not realistic to have Zheng Mingming as an investment partner.

"Won't you give me your stickers?" Su Nuo asked.

"Fine." Zheng Mingming made it seem like it took her great determination. Based on her relationship with Su Nuo, she is still willing to share the stickers.

Su Nuo immediately said: "In the future, I will buy more and better stickers for you. Now give me your stickers, remember to give me all of them."

"I'll bring them to you tomorrow." Zheng Mingming picked up her bread and began to gnaw on it. It took her a while to recover and said: "Why do you want so much Liu Dehua(Andy Lau) stickers? I remember that you like Zhang Xueyou(Jacky Cheung) ah."

Tsk, she only likes Gu Chenglan now!

Su Nuo swallowed this sentence, hooked her finger at Zheng Mingming, and said: "Wang Yingying of Class 4 also likes Liu Dehua very much. I will sell the stickers to her because her family is rich."

"Ah?" Zheng Mingming has a look of sadness on her face and her voice also raised for several decibels: "No way, obviously it's mine……"

Su Nuo covered Zheng Mingming's mouth: "Before the end of this holiday, I will make it up to you by returning 30% more of the cost of the stickers to you."

Thirty percent!!! All right. Zheng Mingming compromised for the money. In fact, she wasn't that determined and had long wanted to change her mind.

With this notion, Su Nuo went to act immediately. During recess, she made Zheng Mingming support her while she limped towards Class 4 to find Wang Yingying.

Wang Yingying's obsession with Liu Dehua(Andy Lau) is more special than Zheng Mingming's. There are a few hundred stickers for her to choose but it took her a while.

"Wang Yingying, I also have other stickers. Your classmates can come to me if they want them. I will also have more goods next week so come and see me if you want." Su Nuo doesn't take it slow and wants to spread the word that she has opened a shop at school.

The news spread fast between the students. Coupled with all kinds of curiosity and comparison of the young girls, two other girls came to Su Nuo before school hours ended to ask what other stickers she had.

Su Nuo asked them whose stickers they want and agreed to bring them to choose from next Monday.

"Su Nuo, what are you doing ah?" Zheng Mingming felt that something was wrong.

But the students of this era don't have any economic consciousness and have never heard of such small business among students.

Su Nuo's approach is very strange but it's also novel so no one went to complain to the teacher. 

[End of Chapter 027]

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