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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 26

Translator: Huntress 

Chapter 026: Worrying about personal gains and losses

Su Nuo was stunned when she heard what Zheng Mingming said. She recalled the scene that happened moments ago.

It seems, seems like, probably…… Could it be that Gu Chenglan began to care about her a bit? 

Su Nuo suddenly felt happy inside, surrounded by sweet pink bubbles. 

“Look at you, looking like a lovestruck fool. Too late.” Zheng Mingming wants to say more but the school doctor suddenly returned so she had to shut up. 

Outside the door of the infirmary, even if Su Nuo is still limping in Zheng Mingming’s arms, still couldn’t help the feeling of floating in the girl’s heart and gently elbowed Zheng Mingming: “Did you just say that when you saw Gu Chenglan’s expression, it looked like he’s concerned about me? 

“Ah? Who is Gu Chenglan?” Zheng Mingming froze for a moment then suddenly her eyes widened: “Aiyah, Su Nuo you’re so bad. Even the handsome senior’s name had already been inquired but you still pretended not to know and even pretended to be so reserved.” 

“I-I didn’t pretend ah.” Su Nuo secretly clenched her fist. 

Well, she did pretend and heaven knows how desperately she wanted to jump into Gu Chenglan’s arms. 

But Gu Chenglan is only 18 years old now and he hasn’t fallen in love with herself yet ah. If she acts like a dissatisfied leftover woman, the cute and handsome little senior will be frightened. 
[TL: Leftover woman-剩女; defined as a successful career woman who remained single.] 

The process of restraint is a torment but it can’t stop the sweetness in the heart ah. Su Nuo almost laughed cheerfully. 

Su Nuo suddenly thought how valuable she sprained her ankle. 

But on second thought, it’s still worrying a bit about the gains and losses. If she just takes advantage of the past just now, won’t her relationship with Gu Chenglan be a bit closer? 
[TL: Who said that she won’t prioritize her love life first? WHO?] 

If they meet again next time, should she show a little more initiative? 

Aiya ya, the sweet troubles, every kind of tangles in a girl’s heart, making Su Nuo feel sweet and full of expectations. 

After dilly-dallying and returning to the classroom, Su Nuo and Zheng Mingming haven't eaten lunch yet. 

Su Nuo's foot is hurt so Zheng Mingming had to bring bread and a soda back to her. 

Zheng Mingming pouted, "It's so far. Why isn't there a shop near the school? I had to cross three roads and a community.” 

Although Zheng Mingming complained, she still left with her cute little purse. 

On the other hand, Su Nuo seemed to get an idea immediately. She silently recalled Zheng Mingming’s words: There is no shop near the school!! 

In the previous life, the economy around the school had already developed to some point. The industrial chain around the school is settled. Besides, young people are receptive to new things so they will usually find some small shops with special features. 

But for now, although it reached the end of the 1980s, this place itself is an underdeveloped third-rate city and also industrial-development oriented. So, the economic development is relatively slow and the market economy is incomplete. 

Around their school, apart from ordinary houses, there’s only a bookstore and a small bicycle repair stall. There is indeed no decent store to purchase from. 

This is a business opportunity ah. She can try to invigorate the economy around the school. 

But thinking about it, she had no capital now so it’s unrealistic to buy a place to open a shop 

Besides, other people will follow suit after making money. The surrounding economy will become more and more developed and an ordinary shop has no features at all. 

After deliberating about it, Su Nuo thought of a compromise: School Shop 
[TL: After some reading, I realized she meant that she will sell what people want for her to sell. Instead of people going far to buy, they can just buy from her. I don’t know how to phrase it so that will be used for now.] [TL: I decided to use the word retail but if there are better suggestions, you can comment them.][Huntess: In the end, it became school shop]

It doesn’t have a fixed stall. She is just going to buy some small commonly used things that are more popular among her classmates, such as snacks, drinks, star albums, stickers, or rubber bands, mirrors, and similar things. 

[End of Chapter 026] 

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