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Monday, May 04, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 25

Translator: Huntress

Chapter 025: Young master will remember you

“Raise your foot.” Gu Chenglan frowned tightly. He held Su Nuo’s knee up to help her check her ankles.

Su Nuo’s face blushed more furiously. She almost anxiously kicked Gu Chenglan. She doesn’t want to pretend to be weak to get his feelings ba.

She knew that Gu Chenglan hated girls who are deliberate so she tried hard to call out to Zheng Mingming: “Come here. Help me go to the infirmary.”

“Ah? Oh oh.” Zheng Mingming moved forwards like an ordered puppet. In her heart: Su Nuo, are you blind? Obviously, the handsome senior is showing concern to you. Will you die if you act pitiful?

“I… carry you?” Gu Chenglan really couldn’t keep his face steady. He can only use a cold voice to hold a little hope to test.

If the little girl nodded, he wouldn’t mind taking her to the infirmary.

Yet Su Nuo is really blind this time.

She completely has the memory of her past life to avoid being hated by Gu Chenglan so she nervously jumped from the tree and endured the pain in her ankle as she hopped towards Zheng Mingming.

Zheng Mingming really wanted to cover her eyes so that she couldn’t see. She glanced at the blackfaced handsome senior and thought: Senior, you still have the chance to be the hero who saves the beauty. Don’t be Ao Jiao or else the little fairy will run away.
[TL: Ao Jiao = Tsundere]

Even so, no matter what Zheng Mingming suggests inwardly, in front of her, one remains blind while the other is silly. From the beginning to the end, there is no more interaction and the chance is missed.

Watching Su Nuo being clumsily supported by Zheng Mingming, Gu Chenglan silently gritted his teeth: It’s Su Nuo, right? Very good, you got this young master’s attention. No, this young master will remember you.

“Hiss” The school doctor seized Su Nuo’s ankle as he checked it. The pain made her hiss in pain.

“The bones are fine but the muscles were twisted a little bit. Go home and massage it with medicinal wine. Try to endure the pain and burning sensation while at it. Twice or thrice should be fine but try to walk less these days. You also must not do any strenuous exercise.” The school doctor explained then went to another room to obtain the medicinal wine.

Zheng Mingming approached and whispered: “Xiao Nuo, why didn’t you let senior carry you over just now?”

“He’s showing a dark face, won’t he throw me instead?” Su Nuo pouted her lips. She also felt wronged in her heart.

If this was in her past life, how would Gu Chenglan bear to look at her feet and let her endure the pain? He would’ve rushed to her and held her before she even fell.

But thinking about it, although Su Nuo and Gu Chenglan are lovers in the past life, they are both inexperienced and shy to each other because it was their first love.

So, whatever they shouldn’t do wasn’t ever done at all. The only thing they could do is hold hands and occasionally kiss for a while then being very shy about it.

Later on, both of them didn’t cross paths again after that misunderstanding.

Although Su Nuo will always think of Gu Chenglan whenever she’s alone, she feels her heart go cold. However, she also thinks of the sweetness of them both when they are in love, while not going over the line.
[TL: Originally, YY - yì yín (意淫), fantasizing, sexual thoughts. I turned it into ‘not going over the line’]]

Perhaps, that is because she kept it simple and beautiful[TL: Ehem, pure], she felt that her love with Gu Chenglan was even harder to come by.

Su Nuo was trapped in the sweet memories of her past life when Zheng Mingming suddenly nudged her head: “Are you an idiot? On the whole campus, from junior high school to senior high school, there are more than 20 classes, which girl doesn't expect for such a scene to happen to them. The boy is good, the atmosphere is also good, but you don’t know how to throw yourself into senior’s arms and cry to let him hold you?”

Su Nuo pushed Zheng Mingming’s hand away and wanted to tell her: You don’t understand Gu Chenglan at all.

Zheng Mingming hated iron for not turning into steel and continued to scold: “Don’t you know how fierce senior looked at me just now? He probably wished for me to disappear so he can have a chance to be the hero saving the damsel in distress. It’s over, it’s over, I can’t believe that I’m such a bright light bulb.”
[TL: I probably mixed in both Chinese and Western phrases here. Hated iron for not turning to steel = failing to meet expectations. Hero saving the damsel in distress is changed from flower protector(or something similar). Light bulb = third wheel.]

[End of Chapter 025]


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