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Saturday, April 25, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 24

Chapter 024: Looking forward to chance meeting

Translator: Dachiz & Huntress

“Xiao Nuo, are you okay?” Zheng Mingming was also shocked. She just saw the overly handsome senior brother classmate, her brain had momentary short-circuit, the hands were really very heavy.

If you look at Su Nuo's posture now, you can see how difficult it is to bear the sprain.

Gu Chenglan is still crouching on the ground, stunned looked up, then frowned.

In fact, when he saw it was Su Nuo, in his heart he indeed had a few points of expectation and was a little pleased with himself.

He has even been thinking about how handsomely takes this little girl, and then what kind of words deliberately will have snubbed her , teasing her should also be very fun.

I did not expect that people would rather pull up the trunk and not touch themselves.

The moment when he had been waiting foolishly for her to throw into his arms, in an instant come to nothing, the disappointment, indignation, unwillingness will not be mentioned.

“It hurts, it hurts” Su Nuo bit her lips, changed her foot to land, and lifted her injured ankle. Turned round to Zheng Mingming: “Are you dead? Come and help me, I can't stand it”.

“Oh oh” Zheng Mingming was completely dazed, saying in her mind: Su Nuo, look over at the handsome senior brother classmate, as long as you let it go, only where water flows, a canal is formed.

Though I think so, Zheng Mingming still runs fast past, reaches out her hand to hold up Su Nuo, after all Su Nuo’s posture is really difficult.

But before Zheng Mingming’s hand could touch Su Nuo, she saw Gu Chenglan téng stood up from the ground and lifted Su Nuo directly from the ground by holding her waist single-handedly.
[TL: I suppose GCL is holding her waist while standing.]

The youthful man's arms still looked thin but through the clothes, the strong elastic muscles can be felt as it wraps his tough bones.

Su Nuo felt as if her waist, which was being grabbed by Gu Chenglan, was on fire and her face started to grow warm.

“So-sorry senior. I didn’t stand well.” Su Nuo stuttered a little.

She saw Gu Chenglan’s visibly darkening face and wailed inwardly: Zheng Mingming, you bastard. You made me fall down in such a dog-blooded way in front of Gu Chenglan. It must’ve looked so foolish. Now, I can only wait for him to despise me.

However, the fire in Gu Chenglan’s heart burned more when he heard her try to explain: Why didn’t you just fall if you didn’t stand well? Does it make you feel so bad to fall on me? Are you so anxious to explain and try to distance yourself from me to avoid having anything to do with me?

Gu Chenglan couldn’t understand, how did the bold girl who introduced herself when they first met suddenly became so shy?

But he couldn’t help but feel a little itchy in his heart, why did such a little girl not participate in surrounding him like the others?

Gu Chenglan even started considering, is his face too cold and scared the little girl away? Or is it because there are too many girls around him, it made the little girl think that he is fickle so it scared her away?

As a matter of fact, Gu Chenglan passed by this road a lot of times in the morning, afternoon and evening. It’s as if in his heart, he was looking forward to something to happen, such as… a meeting by chance.

But he really didn’t expect to really have an encounter. However, the little girl didn't take advantage of such a good chance. What would Gu Chenglan do to trick her to meet him?

“Where does it hurt? Let me see.” Gu Chenglan didn’t allow Su Nuo to explain more and checked her left and right to see. Su Nuo was only able to hook her hands on the tree while he placed her up the tree.

Su Nuo was a little afraid of heights. The sudden movement made her scared. She held the trunk of the tree and her body shrank.

Gu Chenglan only wanted to take Su Nuo’s arms away from the tree and place them around his neck.

[End of Chapter 024]

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  1. So cute!
    Thanks for the chapters!

  2. Thanks for the chaps, i luv this couple

  3. Ah the change to your website is great! Much better for mobile reading+++

    Also, this GCL is so fickle. If she'd hounded him like the other girls he'd have been disgusted. It's only because she's keeping her distance that he's noting her at all.

    Of course, he's a narcissistic little prince right now so I'm not expecting anything sensible from him lol


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