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Saturday, April 25, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 23

Chapter 023: Safe Distance

“And so?” Su Nuo asked Zheng Mingming, “You want to pull me there to pick up the trash together?”

“No way, just look at the handsome guy. It doesn’t cost anything to look.” Zheng Mingming took Su Nuo’s hand and acted spoiled, “I heard that the handsome senior is very cool and just ignores other people. Giving him a look will make you freeze like a popsicle but the girls in the entire school still flocks to him. It’s estimated that the second year class one will have to sell tickets if we don’t go there sooner. In the future, we may have to pay them just to have a look.”

pfft Su Nuo laughed and threw the pen in her hand. There’s no other way.

Should she reschedule her timetable again and make sure that her main goal has to be “Gu Chenglan”? In this way, by relying on selling tickets, she can also earn a small sum of money.

Finally, Su nuo didn’t defy Zheng Mingming’s wishes. As soon as the afternoon bell rang, she was already pulled out to run.

“Why are you in a hurry?” Before Su Nuo left her seat, she took a book with her.

“Why are you bringing a book?” Zheng Mingming pulled Su Nuo out and wanted to use a shortcut, which has the faculty dormitory on the way.

“You don’t know? It’s to find an excuse to talk to my brother.” Su Nuo actually wants to ask her brother about a physics question but she said to Zheng Mingming differently, “You can’t just look at the handsome senior, right? You have to ask for guidance.

“Wow, Xiao Nuo, when did you become so deceitful?” Zheng Mingming face is full of envy and hatred, “Quick, lend me the book. Lend it to me.”

“Not lending.” Su Nuo hid the book behind her back, “I just decided it. The handsome senior is mine.”

“Che, I’m still not valuable.” Zheng Mingming’s mouth twitched, “He’s so handsome and I’m so fat. He won’t even give me a glance. I still know myself. I only like him like that of a fan to a star. But……”

Zheng Mingming turned her head to look at Su Nuo from head to toe and gave her a thumbs up, “Our Xiao Nuo is as beautiful as a little fairy and may still have a chance.”

“Screw you.” Su Nuo felt sweet deep inside and also expects that it must be true.

Su Nuo and Zheng Mingming were both laughing, pushing and shoving each other. Suddenly, Zheng Mingming stood still. Her eyes grew rounder and her mouth formed an “O”.

Su Nuo also stared blankly before understanding what appeared before her and Zheng Mingming’s eyes. They saw Gu Chenglan using a stick to write something on the ground under a pine tree.

“Go, you go ask for guidance now ah.” Zheng Mingming pushed Su Nuo forward so hard that it’s like she can’t wait to push Su Nuo into Gu Chenglan’s arms.

Gu Chenglan, on the other hand, became upset as soon as he heard a girl’s voice. He wanted to get up and leave but in the end, there’s a sudden “flapping sound” and a shadow in front of him. It seems like a person covering his/her head suddenly pounced over.

“Zheng Mingming, I’ll kill you.” Su Nuo was suddenly pushed before she realized what had happened.
[TL: It’s an empty threat that’s only for friends.]

In addition, this chubby girl Zheng Mingming appears to have a lot of strength. Su Nuo suddenly lost balance and one of her feet tripped on the ground. A burst of pain suddenly came from her uncle.

To tell the truth, Su Nuo can use this opportunity to fall into Gu Chenglan. However, when she was halfway down, she saw Gu Chenglan looking with eyes of disgust.

In a split second, Su Nuo decided not to use the “falling into your arms” cliché. This is just too old-fashioned.

Su Nuo changed the direction of her body to the opposite way. She obviously had already sprained her foot but she still made an effort to support herself. Both her hands hurriedly passed over Gu Chenglan’s body directly towards the tree behind him.

In the end, Su Nuo was in a very strange posture and fully demonstrated the flexibility of a girl’s body. She’s holding the trunk of the pine tree for support with one foot on the ground. She forcibly maintained a safe distance with Gu Chenglan.

[End of Chapter 023]
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