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Saturday, April 25, 2020

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 22

Chapter 022: The especially handsome senior in high school

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Su Yang doesn’t believe that their family could be so unfortunate but he still made Su Nuo stand behind him as he cautiously look into the doorway.

It just happens that Fang Yalan came out while holding the remaining half bucket of paint in her hand.

“Mom, why did you come back?” Su Nuo also saw her mother. Together with Su Yang, they entered the house.

“Mom can’t help but worry a bit. I can’t let both you two children be tired.” Fang Yalan said. She sighed and her eyes were a little red.

The wall in the living room that was vandalized had been painted again. However, the white wall was vandalized with black paint and it’s hard to cover up no matter how much she tried.

“It’ll be alright. Let’s just move the cupboard and block it.” Su Nuo said. She went to the yard to move the cupboard.

The three of them put the furniture in order and cleaned up the yard together. They’re all busy until the middle of the night.

Grandma is still staying in Aunt Zhou’s house but they can’t pick her up at this time because they’ll bother Aunt Zhou’s rest.

Early the next morning, they cleaned up grandmother’s room then Su Yang went to pick up his grandmother.

The family originally wanted to have a nice holiday together but they didn’t expect this to happen. The mood that improved during the trip suddenly seemed to be covered in dark clouds.

However, Su Nuo had already started planning how to earn some money. Unfortunately, Even if she wanted to, she can’t do that without some capital so she can only try to think of another way.

After the holiday ended, the two siblings went back to school together.

There are a few “cheat notes” in Su Nuo’s bag which are Su Yang’s notes when he was in middle school.

Also, Su Nuo made a plan for her own studies: Before the end of the semester, she must review the lessons for the first and second year subjects before rushing to complete the third year courses through self-study.

As for the third year of middle school, she will take a break from school. She will make use of the year to earn her brother’s college tuition fees and then enter high school with a peace of mind.

So from this day on, since the beginning of the class, the teacher in front lectures while Su Nuo tries to catch up with their progress through self-study.

Other than when the teacher talks about some especially important points of knowledge, Su Nuo will put all her attention on her brother’s class notes and skimp over other simple questions.

The outcome is that Su Nuo’s learning method looked like being a bad student who doesn’t pay attention in class by the teacher and heaven knows what she’s been up to all day.

If it wasn’t because Su Nuo doesn’t speak much and have a low sense of existence before, it is estimated that every teacher will call her out to punish (by standing), or straight out criticize her.

“Xiao Nuo.” Zheng Mingming approached Su Nuo after class. She held her head up from the book with her two chubby hands, “Aren’t you still my best friend? It’s been a few days since the holidays. Why can I only count with my fingers how many times you talked to me?”

“Ah?” Su Nuo froze for a moment. She rubbed her sore eyes and smiled: “I talk to you a little. Is there something wrong?”

“Something’s wrong.” Zheng Mingming earnestly and carefully said, “I heard that there’s an especially handsome senior in high school. Let’s go together to see during lunch break ah.”

High school, especially handsome senior…...

Su Nuo used the tip of the pen to poke her scalp and felt a little headache.

She has to study now and she also needs to earn some money. She really doesn’t have enough time to approach Gu Chenglan.

Zheng Mingming saw that Su Nuo didn’t say a word. She gossiped, “I heard that the senior’s desk was always filled with gifts and love letters. However, he never received them nor looked at them and he just throws them all away. Later on, the senior simply didn’t bother to clean up his desk every day. Instead, the givers will first empty out the gifts given by people before them. I heard that the garbage bin in their class had to be changed to a bigger one. Some people wait by the garbage bin every day to collect a lot of good stuff.”

[End of Chapter 022]

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