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Friday, April 10, 2020

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 21

[In this chapter, there should be something like a warning. Warning: There is mild violence in this chapter. This is fiction and must not be reenacted in real life. Any annoying person in real life should not be hit immediately.]

Chapter 021: Wanting to go back is looking for death

“An IOU was sent to our home?” Second aunt’s eyes were filled with disdain and taunting: “Your father’s ashes are already cold. Who can guarantee that your family is not covering up and actually doesn’t want to pay?”

Su Nuo couldn’t restrain the anger in her heart. She dashed over and slapped her second aunt’s neck.

She hit the person but she didn’t hit the face. This is the last hint of “respect” that she can give her second aunt.

If it wasn’t for the meager blood relationship even with no feelings, Su Nuo would have slapped her face so hard that she’d be looking for her teeth all over the floor.

There was a crisp *PA* sound. Along with Su Yang who was stunned, he didn’t expected that his younger sister would suddenly move her hand.

He also listened to his second aunt talk very rudely and insult his deceased father and he was on the brink of hitting her but he’d never thought that his always docile younger sister will suddenly show such fiery temper. The force of her move was even more astonishing.

“What is happening?” Their second uncle in the room heard the sound and came over with cigarette and alcohol in his hands.

Second uncle inclined eyed Su Yang then he looked at second aunt. Seeing the trace of red on second aunt’s neck, he bellowed in rage: “Su Yang, you dare to hit your second aunt?!”

“Yes, I dare.” Su Yang reached out and pulled Su Nuo behind his back. He straightened his back and took half a step forward: “My father is gone but he’s still the eldest son of the Su family after all. Second aunt should also call him ‘eldest brother’. She can’t talk like that about my dad.”

“Little bastard, you’re rebelling!” Second uncle cursed and raised his hand.

In fact, Su Yang is taller than his second uncle but he actually just stood there and didn’t move. He didn’t have the slightest thought of retaliating.

Su Nuo can’t just watch her brother take a beating. Her eyes roamed around and touched upon a broken flower pot on the hallway, inside it is a dead ball cactus.

Su Nuo reached out and grabbed the broken pot and threw it over to her second uncle.

The pot is not that big but it still has half a pot of sandy soil and a big head of ball cactus is still flying at him. Second uncle panicked for a moment and tried to block with his hand.

The sandy soil splashed across second uncle’s face and the cactus hit his forehead. A cry of pain *AHH* sounded as it pricked him.

“Brother, hurry up let’s go.” Su Nuo ran downstairs with Su Yang.

It was only when they reached the stairs between the second floor and the first floor could they hear their second uncle cursing like a machine gun: “Little bastard, I dare you to let me catch you both and I’ll use my belt to whip you to death!!!”

Because of Su Nuo’s “braveness”, Su Yang was distracted and subconsciously stopped to look up.

Su Nuo closely pulled Su Yang’s arm and ran straight down the stairs. Standing downstairs, she shouted: “The old turtle grandson is casually scolding, wanting to go back is wishing death. This great aunt(referring to herself) has money but has no intention to pay back!”( Original line: “老鳖孙儿随便骂,有招想去,没招死去。姑奶奶有钱没钱都不还了,就赖帐。”)
[TL: Had asked Dachiz about this line ‘cause I was confused. Apparently, the uncle’s name is related to the “old turtle grandson” which I think I mentioned in a previous chapter. Then, Su Nuo called herself Great Aunt. The phrasing is kinda awkward because I don’t know how to phrase it well while having the aggressive style of arguments.]

After saying that, she pulled Su Yang and ran away.

After running two entire streets at a stretch, Su Nuo turned her head back to look. She reckoned that her second uncle could no longer catch up to them. She crouched on the ground and looked up at Su Yang, laughing.

Su Yang was still a little stunned up until now. He looked at his own younger sister’s laugh heartily with her white teeth looming. He couldn’t help but laugh with her and feel naughty.

After a long while, Su Yang couldn’t help but crouch down together with Su Nuo while smiling.

“Don’t do that again in the future.” Su Yang wiped the beads of sweat on his younger sister’s nose with his slender fingers. He said, “What if the ball cactus fell in your brother’s head instead?”

“I just saw what it was after I threw it.” Su Nuo smiled. She propped up her legs and stood up then she pulled Su Yang home.

It’s not that their family really can’t pay back the money. However, throwing out their resentment is better than being bullied in silence.

Both brother and sister came back home with a smile but they saw that the door was open once again and even the lights in the house were on.

Su Nuo’s mouth twitched: “Brother, is our family destined to have a relationship with thieves?”

[End of Chapter 021]

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