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April 25, 2020

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 24

Translator: Dachiz & Huntress

Chapter 24: Looking forward to chance meeting

“Xiao Nuo, are you okay?” Zheng Mingming was also shocked. She just saw the overly handsome senior brother classmate, her brain had momentary short-circuit, the hands were really very heavy.

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 23

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Chapter 023: Safe Distance

“And so?” Su Nuo asked Zheng Mingming, “You want to pull me there to pick up the trash together?”

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 22

Chapter 022: The especially handsome senior in high school

“Don’t talk nonsense.” Su Yang doesn’t believe that their family could be so unfortunate but he still made Su Nuo stand behind him as he cautiously look into the doorway.

It just happens that Fang Yalan came out while holding the remaining half bucket of paint in her hand.

April 10, 2020

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 21

[In this chapter, there should be something like a warning. Warning: There is mild violence in this chapter. This is fiction and must not be reenacted in real life. Any annoying person in real life should not be hit immediately.]

Chapter 021: 有找想去,没招死去

[TL: I don’t know how to phrase that chapter title. Suggestions are welcome.]

“An IOU was sent to our home?” Second aunt’s eyes were filled with disdain and taunting: “Your father’s ashes are already cold. Who can guarantee that your family is not covering up and actually doesn’t want to pay?”

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