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Friday, December 06, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 15

Chapter 015: Foolish matter

After Su Nuo helped her grandmother settle down, she went back to school. Even though she spent a lot of time and got a little tired going back and forth, Su Nuo still felt happy inside.

Before she even reached the school gate, she once again saw a group of girls crowding around.

Gu Chenglan was still casually and lazily leaning against the tree with a cigarette. However, the cigarette wasn’t lit and he was only biting on it with his teeth.

Su Nuo paused and was slightly surprised for a moment. If you say that he was at the school gate because he was waiting for the car to pick him up, then why doesn’t Gu Chenglan enter the school gate now that he had obviously finished eating already?

Did you just come here to receive the countless girls’ sights? But that doesn’t seem to be the reason based on Gu Chenglan’s indifferent eyes and the way he ignores the girls around him.

Anyway, no matter what Gu Chenglan is doing, Su Nuo acted as if it doesn’t have anything to do with her. She boldly passed him and went straight towards the school gate.

She will consider herself a stranger to him. She mustn’t be willful and approach Gu Chenglan. She can get along as a familiar person to him but she must not make him dislike her.

But Su Nuo never anticipated that when she just stepped into the gate, Gu Chenglan would spit out the cigarette in his mouth and followed almost a step behind Su Nuo into the gate.

The onlooking crowd of girls inside and outside inwardly exclaimed. Several dozen pairs of eyes were itching to stick their sights to Gu Chenglan.

“Wa, he stands and even walks so cool and handsome.”

“Exactly. That look he has when he had a cigarette in his mouth is very handsome and the way he pursed his lips is so MANLY.

“He’s really handsome. Is he really a student in our school? He’s either our senior or our junior.”

The girls continuously exclaimed and generously praised.

However, Gu Chenglan didn’t hear a word they said. He only narrowed his eyes and adjusted his pace, neither quickly nor slowly following that girl with the ponytail.

Actually, when he was waiting for the car earlier at noon, Gu Chenglan saw Su Nuo approaching him.

At that time, his mind burst out with nasty thoughts. Gu Chenglan suddenly wanted to see the look the little girl will have if he pretended not to know her.

Therefore, although Gu Chenglan didn’t turn his head when he entered the car, he still quietly looked out to watch her once the door was closed. He wanted to see the little girl look a little disappointed and embarrassed.

But he didn’t expect the little girl to only be stunned for a moment then calmly turn away. It seemed as if him ignoring her doesn’t have any effect on her.

Gu Chenglan is the kind of boy that always received the girls' attention, exclamations, and praises. He’s vexed by all of these.

However, he couldn’t stand the way the girl seems to not care about him at all.

When they met in the morning, the girl’s face has an expression of surprise and infatuation. Now, she’s pretending not to care about him. Is she trying to attract his attention?

Therefore, Gu Chenglan hastily ate his lunch and went back to school with a messy head.

So when he arrived at school, he refused to enter and did something that he thought is stupid; he waited for her outside the school gate.

“Hey, um…… Su?” When they finally reached a path in school that has a few people, Gu Chenglan couldn’t help but walk a few steps towards Su Nuo’s side: “I brought the bag to him.”

Su Nuo’s heart began to thump wildly. Gu Chenglan’s voice really sounds so cool.

But he still didn’t remember her name ah ah ah!

Su Nuo secretly pinched her palms to let the pain calm her frantic mental situation. She controlled herself not to pounce on Gu Chenglan. She smiled and nodded calmly: “I see. Thank you.”

Before she arrogantly turned around and left, Su Nuo once again said: “My name is Su Nuo. Nice to meet you.”

[End of Chapter 015]

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