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December 27, 2019

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 18

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 18: Is there a thief?

A few buckets of paint to carry on back home, and the next step is to paint the house and organize things

Su Nuo folded some pointed hats with newspaper, then put them on her brother, mother and grandmother

Although the main force in painting the house was Su Yang, however Su Nuo carried a paint bucket running around without stopping.

Fang Yalan and grandmother saw the house tossed by both children in full swing, and couldn’t help but laugh

The days of haze, the pain of losing loved ones, is dissipating a little bit.

After two busy days as planned, the house was painted

All things of the house were placed in the yard, covered with rain cloth colored strips. The windows and doors have been open for ventilation, the paint could dry quickly, only the outer door was locked, and the family of four went out

Grandma's legs and feet are inconvenient, she is paralyzed, but has a little consciousness. She can sit and barely move.

Su Yang borrowed a wheelchair, pushed his grandmother to the bus station, it's only an hour by bus to the countryside. Grandma was quite happy after sitting in the bus.

“Grandma, come out for a walk to change the mood” Su Nuo sat beside her grandmother and leaned her head against her grandmother’s shoulder.

Fang Yalan brought two tomatoes out from her bag and gave them to Su Nuo and grandma. She said, “The weather is nice and it’s not bad to walk around. I just don’t know how many people are in the countryside.”

“Not much.” Su Yang said, “The family of my classmate lives in the countryside and said that many people travel to other places but there’s not too many people going to the countryside. When we went there if we can’t find a suitable place to live, we will stay at their home, he has an orchard in his family; the place is still quite big”

Su yang’s academic performance is excellent, and the class is also satisfactory, therefore so good friends are also reliable.

With Su Yang's words, Fang Yalan was relieved.

The bus arrived at the station, a family of four went down the bus, as expected there aren’t many people in the countryside, several families have suitable houses, besides provide fruits and vegetables.

Originally it was only going to stay one night. But because the air in the countryside is so good, fruits and vegetables are fresh, Fang Yalan promised to stay for two nights, only to return home in the evening of the third day.

Su Nuo played a little tired, and wanted to sleep in the car.

However, when she thought about going home and moving furniture and packing things, she clapped her face hard to refresh herself.

Fang Yalan took Su Nuo to her side, touched her head gently and said: “XiaoNuo, or else you and grandma will go to Aunt Zhou's house to borrow it tonight. Your brother and I will clean up the house”

“Mom, I'm very motivated now” Su Nuo picked up her small fist, shaking it twice laughing said: “but it's crazy to play and hungry. Mom, I'd like to eat your dumplings”

“Okay, go home and pack” Fang Yalan smiled and hugged her daughter's shoulder, and went back with Su Nuo side by side.

Only a family of four came back happily. No one thought that the gate of the house was open

The rain cloth colored strips that covered on furniture was torn down and thrown on the ground, and several small pieces of furniture fell to the ground. The cabinets, boxes, and the drawers on the small desks of Su Nuo and Su yang were pulled apart.

“This is… Is there a thief?” Su’s mother was startled, subconsciously protecting Su Nuo behind her.

As the only man in the family, Su Yang immediately pushed aside Grandma's wheelchair, he seized a wooden stick beside the wall and strode in the house

“Brother, be careful, or call the police.” Su Nuo didn't hide behind her mother. Instead, she took a stick like her brother and followed him into the house

[End of Chapter 018]


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