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December 21, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 17

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 17: One day sunny and three days cloudy, young master

The home decoration market is a little distant, Su Yang borrowed a bicycle and went with Su Nuo.

It ́s sitting in the back seat of his brother's bicycle, the happy Su Nuo is like a kindergarten child, each hand tightly holding his brother's waist, itching to stick her face to her brother’s back.

It's nice to have a brother! Past life… Past life brother was tragically involved in a car accident. He had been away from her for a long time

Su Nuo is inexplicably sad, secretly choked but she has been cheering up right away, because this world would be different.

Su Yang occasionally turned back and laughs, teasing Su Nuo: "You are going to break your brother's waist. Besides, you are a big girl, so you can't stick to your brother like this”

“No, I'm going to stick to you” Su Nuo rubbed her face on Su Yang's back, and took one breath, as if to suck her brother's taste into the lungs, "My brother is the most handsome, the best tempered and the best at learning. I like my brother very much”

Su Yang laughs shaking his head, the bike ride more stable, afraid of jolting Su Nuo.

The brother and sister talked and laughed all the way, but did not notice that a military vehicle was driving from behind

Gu Chenglan was sitting bored to death, with one hand on his head looked out of the window.

He was going back to Northern China, but the driver didn’t get a soft-sleeper ticket. When he was guilty of this young master, he said that he would not go back.

[TL: The soft sleeper cabin is the first-class sleeping cabin on long distance trains, with the most expensive ticket price and of course best treatment.]

The periphery is a little bit famous scenery area which is overcrowded, Gu Chenglan had to let the driver take him around in the street.

Suddenly, Gu Chenglan saw two people riding in front of him, Su Nuo in the back seat smiled brightly and held the waist of the boy in front.

That intimate posture, that lovely to flash smile, suddenly felt dazzling in Gu Chenglan's eyes.

But within a flash, the car has surpassed the two people riding the bicycle

Gu Chenglan looked back with a frown, he thought did the cyclist looks like Su Yang? But he didn't see it clearly.

“Stop” Gu Chenglan all of a sudden tapped the driver’s shoulder.

“Young master, here's the…”

“Let you stop and stop, how is so much nonsense” Gu Chenglan is like a leopard with its hair on fire, the momentum is dangerous at once.

The driver didn’t dare to take care of the no parking signs anymore and stopped the car at the roadside.

Gu Chenglan’s body moved to the other side of the car window, put his hand on his forehead, blocking most of his face. Only a pair of eyes were exposed, silently watching the people riding the bike from behind.

Finally, he saw Su Yang riding through the window, in the back seat was laughing a careless Su Nuo.

“Let's go” Gu Chenglan bent the corner of the mouth, inexplicable his temper is gone, a tiny speck of pride took over him.

After thinking about it, Gu Chenglan patted the driver on the shoulder again: “Take me home. I'll give you a holiday today”

The driver was in a daze and promised, yet it did not dare to ask more.

The prince of Northern China town came here, and the temper of a sunny day and three cloudy days was always uncertain. Now suddenly gave himself a vacation, he would like to hurry to hide far.

Su Nuo has been being unaware of another fortuitous encounter, finally has arrived to the home decoration market with her older brother to choose the paint.

Su Nuo tries to select a cheap, fresh and beautiful color, moreover pays special attention that formaldehyde (HCHO) content doesn’t exceed the standard parameters

In just one breath compares 10 paints, only then to buy the paint that finally let her satisfied

It’s not just Su Yang who is amazed by Su Nuo performance, even the big brother who sells paint didn't imagine the little girl to be an expert

Su Nuo smiled, and didn't explain much. She just wants her family to be healthy and happy.

[End of Chapter 17]

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