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Friday, December 13, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 16

Translator: Huntress

Chapter 016: Small Renovation

After Su Nuo introduced herself again for the third time, she turned around and left without hesitation.

Gu Chenglan was left with a stubborn and haughty back.

Gu Chenglan, I can follow your figure. I will be nostalgic for your gaze. However, she will not stoop low for love.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know me today. Sooner or later, I will make you remember me and you’ll always keep my name in the back of your mind.

I’m not in a hurry because we’ll both be together for the rest of our lives anyway. I will approach you and reach out to you. I will make you love me and I will love you even more.

Gu Chenglan's eyes, which had been squinting lazily all along, were suddenly round, his eyes are slightly upturned, a bit charming, but at this time he is completely surprised.

Is this little girl playing hard to get with him?

The corner of Gu Chenglan’s mouth shallowly ticked and gently said with a voice only he could hear: “Su…… Nuo.”

What Gu Chenglan never thought was that the little girl he assumed to be deliberate will actually disappear for several days. More specifically, it’s for ten days.

After that day, Su Nuo goes to school with her brother. Whenever she sees the figure of Gu Chenglan, she would quietly hide behind her brother.

Wherever Gu Chenglan shows up, there will always be a crowd of girls scrabbling madly for him around so it wasn’t difficult to find him.

However, Gu Chenglan who was surrounded by a lot of girls will realize that finding Su Nuo is very unlikely.

In a blink of an eye, “May 1st” Golden Week arrived. At that time, May 1st is International Labor Day and there is a 7-day vacation. The tourist attractions in various places are all crowded to the max.

The Su Family had never gone out to travel. In addition, the mood is not good due to her father’s death so they never thought of it.

However, it’s not realistic for their family to stay at home for seven days in a row. Su Nuo gave it some thought for a while before she proposed to do a small and simple renovation.

Her father had been seriously sick for a few years. Not to say that their whole family savings were all spent, they also failed to maintain their house. The supposedly white walls are not yellowish and the concrete floor has some holes. 

Although Su Nuo doesn’t know exactly how to renovate, she had lived alone for many years in the previous life. She’s still good at making a simple fix to make their home comfortable.

“Mom, you should first clean grandma and brother’s rooms first. My brother and I will buy paint. At night, grandma and I will share a bed while brother will sleep on the floor.

“I will paint the living room and our room tomorrow and fix the floors in passing. Then we can take the bus to go to the farmhouse in the countryside to have fun. 

“When we come back, the paint will be dried then it will be okay to arrange the furniture and hang the curtains.” Su Nuo made reasonable plans for the holiday period and the schedule was full.

She’s not actually squandering. It’s also not because the house is too shabby. She just hopes that her mother, her brother and her grandmother will be able to come out of the shadow of losing their loved ones as soon as possible.

It would be good for their home to be redecorated and changed into a fresh and clean environment.

Su Nuo’s mother, Fang Yalan, was dumbstruck by Su Nuo’s arrangements. She had been the mistress of this home for the past 20 years only to discover that her daughter became better at planning than her.

Su Yang was also surprised by the change in his sister, but he felt even more gratified. His sister became more sensible and grew up. She can let their mother forget the pain of losing their father. This is also his own wish.

“Mom, hug me.” Su Nuo didn’t give any more explanations. She just happily hugged her mother’s neck and acted spoiled.

Fang Yalan’s heart suddenly felt soft when her daughter hugged her. She thought that this was her daughter’s thoughtfulness for her to cheer up. She quickly nodded: “Alright, we’ll do it according to Su Nuo’s plans.”

“Brother, let’s go.” Su Nuo smiled as she swings her ponytail then she pulled her brother outside.

[End of Chapter 016]


  1. SN is such a good daughter!! 😭 Also, good for her, not obsessing over GC and focusing on the people who are currently close to her.

    Thanks for translating!!

  2. SN is so right. They already loved each other before, they will still love each other again. There's no rush. Meanwhile she can treasure the family members she neglected in her previous life.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  3. Good. She doesn't chase him in hurry. She isn't lower herself for love. They are still in highschool so no need to be rush


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