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Saturday, November 30, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 14

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 014: Grandma's heart

Su Nuo asked, grandma smiles, even more, a pair of narrowed eyes, “Where do you have a distant cousin, it's for your brother and you”

“Is for my brother and ...I?” Su Nuo ́s small heart suddenly skipped a heartbeat *thump thump* Subconsciously thinking on Gu Chenglan, her face turned red

“Although it ́s early, but grandma knows she can ́t live until those days, so first prepare some small things for my great-grandchildren”

Grandma sighed as she said it: “Xiao Nuo, actually grandma insisted on coming back to your house, grand is aware of the difficult situation at home; also, I'm like this, I have to drag you down. But…”

“Grandma, don't say it” Su Nuo understood at once, pounced over and kneeled at the bedside, clinging tightly to grandma ́s body

“Grandma isn't old and confused. I know what your uncle and aunt have been doing. But they are my children after all. I can't do anything about them”

Grandma gently stroked Su Nuo's hair and said softly: “But if I don't come back, your family will have to pay for alimony every month, I'm an old lady who's going into the land soon, who can ́t consume much; moreover when I came here, all my pension money will go to your family. That's all grandma can leave you

Su Nuo knows, she knew all the time that grandma was a kind-hearted old lady, who tried to be fair with her children.

Grandma knows what aunts and uncles do, but grandma isn't healthy and paralyzed in bed, really needs to be taken care of.

If grandma comes over earlier, they should have been taking care of their seriously ill father and also had to take care of grandma, they would be really too busy to do anything else.

Now grandma insists on coming back, and truly plans to leave everything she can to Su Nuo's family.

Su Nuo understood the elderly's heart. But she couldn't help being sad. She didn't want grandma to think about it.

“Grandma, you set your mind at ease in our home we like you, my brother and I are you brought up, always want to have the opportunity to good filial piety you” Su Nuo quietly wiped away the tears on the face, raised his head to give grandma a very bright smile

“Good child, grandma doesn't love you in vain” grandmother also smiled, but the corner of the eye there is a crystal fine tear.

Su Nuo helped grandma to go to the toilet, afterward washed her hands and had a hot meal together.

Grandma’s hands don’t have strength, furthermore in the morning weaving the sweater for a while, I was barely able to serve a bowl of food by myself, and I couldn't help Su Nuo to clip vegetables

Because the family has always solely relied on her mother's wages, so the conditions at home aren’t good, there is merely one or two dishes for each meal.

Grandma is hardly willing to eat, almost all food clip to Su Nuo

Su Nuo is eating with tears in her eyes and suddenly feels that she shouldn’t only study hard, but also make money to supplement her family.

My brother goes to deliver milk every morning, what else can I do? It's time to think about it carefully.

After lunch, Su Nuo cleaned up the kitchen, she took a pot of green peas and put them on her grandma's bedside, “Grandma, please help me peel the pods, I’m going to school.”

It isn’t tiring to peel the pods. It also exercises the flexibility of the fingers. Su Nuo deliberately finds something for her grandmother to do so as to avoid her being bored.

And like this grandma will not feel that she is a drag, the mood will be much better.

These matters she didn’t understand in a past life, she remembers that she only knew to cry with her grandmother.

[End of Chapter 014]

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