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Friday, November 15, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 12

Translator: Dachiz

Chapter 012: Best friend 

Zheng Mingming was not angry when Su Nuo refused, she pressed her chubby body on top of Su Nuo ́s book, and asked: “Let's go to the riverside to play after school, I heard that a new batch of toys arrived at the ring toss, the doll's eyes will move.”

Ring toss - It's a carnival game 

The ring toss game is almost a tradition; even in the 21st century, it can also be seen occasionally on the riverside and in the square.

However, the blinking dolls are not unusual, Su Nuo isn't interested.

“Hey, XiaoNuo, look at me, people are making you happy” Zheng Mingming honestly can't understand and went to snatch Su Nuo ́s pen.

Su Nuo here suddenly realized that the little chubby girl is trying to comfort her, afraid she was still immersed in the grief of her father ́s death.

Such a good friend, let Su Nuo ́s heart soft

She put down her pen and rubbed it twice on Zheng Mingming's round face, “Don't worry, I’m all right; dad would like to see a better life for our family, our tears will become power”

Zheng Mingming just breathed a sigh of relief: “Today you are really different since a few days ago you’ve been crying the whole day, I ́m afraid you become blind”

“No, I won't” Su Nuo patted the seat beside her, pull Zheng Mingming to sit over: “I want to study well, after looking for a good job, let my mother live more comfortable”

“Ah?!!” Zheng Mingming was startled: “Xiao Nuo, are you OK? We are just second year in middle school, do you want to find a job? Even if we study hard, we still need to take the high school entrance examination, and when we get to high school, we still need to take the college entrance examination. We still have at least eight years to struggle. Why do you think so far now?”

Su Nuo smiled after listening, yes; It seems to be very far away

That ́s what I thought in those years, the result is a lifetime wasted

“All right, the class is over, you go back” Su Nuo pushed Zheng Mimgming´s chubby arm.

Zheng Mingming got up and returned to her seat, but still looked back after three steps and think that today Su Nuo is incredible

The second lesson is English class, English teacher Zhu Meixia is in her forties, it's said that she first taught Russian, but later changed to English.

As soon as she heard Zhu Meixia ́s pronunciation, Su Nuo buried her head in the textbook; that articulation is extremely nonstandard, her tongue is rolling and no smooth, this is the standard Russian-English pronunciation
(TL: The original expression to describe the teacher pronunciation is [一溜不顺水的尾音] a boat that doesn't go down the water. Its meaning is full of twists and turns.)

Su Nuo's grades in her last life were not good, but she was also the one who lived for more than 30 years.

Moreover, in the 21st century, English has become a main subject of knowledge, on top of that watching American TV plays every day, the level of English is really called progress by leaps and bounds.

Now go back and listen to Zhu Meixia's lesson, she decided to study on her own

After that the next two classes are secondary lessons, Su Nuo unexpectedly didn’t find them hard to learn.

To think that maybe it's a different mindset, and I've lived a lifetime, understanding is better, plus be able to sit in the stool without slink off.

In general, this morning's class was very rewarding for Su Nuo.

English should be what she does best, the math foundation is a little bit worse but can be remedied. Just look at the afternoon Chinese and history class, perhaps she has a bit of school tyrant potential

The bell to finish class rang, Su Nuo said goodbye to Zheng Mingming and hastily left. Su Nuo really can't rest assured that grandma was at home alone at noon

The school gate is closed at noon, the students who want to go home for dinner are walking through the small door on the west side

Far away, Su Nuo saw a lot of people surround the school gate, also from time to time they whispered something

[End of Chapter 012] 

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