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November 08, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 11

Chapter 011: Strive to study

As soon as Su Nuo reached her seat, Mr. Wu, the class teacher, came in.

Mr. Wu teaches mathematics. Every time, he would take a big triangle ruler(三角板) in class. He likes to poke the key points on the blackboard with one end of the triangle board, so the students called him "Triangle Wu".

Su Nuo quickly brought her Mathematics book out, she groped for a while before she pulled out a pen. Then, she stuffed the bag into the desk drawer.

Because of the anxiety, Su Nuo's movements are a little too big. There was a "Bang" when the bag was stuffed in.

Mr. Wu immediately looked at her and knocked hard on the blackboard with the triangle ruler in his hand. "Some students need to correct their attitude, don't make a fuss even if your grades are not good. You can't disturb other students.

Su Nuo knows that Triangle Wu is deliberately targeting her.

If it's the original Su Nuo, she should be holding her clothes tightly try to hold back her tears right now. And after class, she will be laughed at by her classmates.

But now Su Nuo thinks that Triangle Wu is not that big of a deal.

If you are scolded, you won't lose anything. Besides, students with poor grades will never be liked by their teachers.

If you don’t want to be targeted, just need to improve your performance.

With this idea, Su Nuo’s thoughts of anger have vanished. She slowly turned her pen in one hand and held her chin in her other hand, listening to the teacher intently.

Su Nuo carefully recalled her past life. She had happy times, but there were also many unsatisfactory things.

For example, her academic performance is always poor. She passed the college entrance exams with great difficulty, then she ended up going to a vocational college.

Although what she learned could be considered a good medical specialty, by the time she graduated, vocational medical students could not find a good job.

When she took the exam again, it was a step too late. Finally, she had to find a community clinic as a doctor who could only treat colds and fever.

After careful thinking, she realized that the misunderstanding of her past life and Gu Chenglan is also sudden and inevitable.

One is a genius, smart and wise, tall and handsome, the family is also good; one is ordinary, good-looking but not smart, but how happy can you live by simple life?

Now Su Nuo suddenly finds that her thoughts are mature and the direction of her pursuit has changed.

She does not need to fear the teacher, nor does she care about the prejudice of the students. She wants to study hard and make her life no longer ordinary.

Su Nuo wants to make himself great and become a person who can truly match Gu Chenglan.

Because she was busy with her father's funeral, she dropped some classes, and it was not good to have a foundation. Therefore, although Su Nuo listened carefully to this lesson, there are still many knowledge points that she can't understand.

Su Nuo did not go out after class, and she used a pen to mark all the places that she did not understand in the book. She decided to go home and ask her brother.

Su yang's academic performance is very good. He was always the first in class and third in his year. With her brother’s good education, why didn’t she think of making good use of this in her last life?

Triangle Wu also noticed that Su Nuo's lesson was not the same as usual, but he just looked at Su Nuo with a few doubtful eyes and then walked away.

"Hey, Xiao Nuo, during the lunch break, let’s buy Andy Lau's stickers." A little fat hand took the pen from Su Nuo's hand. This is Zheng Mingming, Su Nuo's only friend

Zheng Mingming is a little fat girl with some lovely freckles on her head.

Su Nuo snatched the pen back and shook her head. "No, I need to go home and eat lunch with my grandmother at noon."

[End of Chapter 011] 

TL: I want to welcome my helper in translating this novel, Dachiz. She translated Chapter 12 and some other more chapters. I will put "Translator: Dachiz" on top of every chapter she translated. The chapters without that means it's still me, the great huntress(lol), is translating the chapter of the novel.

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