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October 31, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 10

Chapter 010: I’ll forgive you, little tsundere.

Gu Chenglan continued to walk forward. For no reason, he obviously already knows the way but he still didn’t drive the girl away.

Moreover, Gu Chenglan would steal a glance back from time to time. He would see the little girl trotting to keep up with him like a little tail and he would feel a little refreshed in his heart.

“Here, finally here.” Su Nuo maintained her excited from the beginning. On top of having a bright red face, she stood behind Gu Chenglan while “hah hah” panting due to running.

Gu Chenglan pursed his lips. His line of eyes slightly swept down and stopped on Su Nuo’s sweaty nose.

Su Nuo’s nose is beautiful. The nose bridge is straight and tall while she has a delicate nose. The sweat on the tip of her nose glimmered with the morning light, making her seem to incomparably shine.

And in addition to her blushing face and the panting coming from her slightly opened mouth, her cute little white teeth were faintly discernible. It looks somewhat sexy.

Gu Chenglan looked at Su Nuo for two seconds before immediately turning away to stare at the building in front of him.

But this place is where the back door is. The small door is closed and there is nothing more interesting to look at.

“Second-year class one is the innermost room on the second floor. Please--please help me hand this bag to…… Su Yang.” Su Nuo was really exhausted. She bent down and had her hands on her knees when she said: “I have to go back now. The way back is a little far.”

If she doesn't go back, then she will be late, the first class is the class of her headteacher. Su Nuo can't be late, and she also has to review all her subjects during the time for self-study.

Su Nuo left a space for herself because she didn't want to pester Gu Chenglan too much. It would all be over if she made him hate her.

Because the time and place they met changed, Su Nuo wasn't sure if they will really end up together in this life.

For her own love life, Su Nuo decided to endure it until the day it comes to fruition.

Gu Chenglan looked at the big schoolbag in his hand and saw Su Nuo that simply turned to leave. He suddenly stopped her and said, "Hey, what is your name?"

Oh my god, it turned out that her self-introduction didn't work at all! But fortunately, Gu Chenglan asked her name, and he asked on his own initiative!

Su Nuo closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Then, she put on her sweetest smile and she slowly turned around: "My name is Su Nuo. Nice to meet you."

“Okay”. Gu Chenglan responded casually, explaining in a cool, ruffian and handsome way: "I'm just afraid I don't know how to explain the matter about schoolbag to Su Yang."

“Well, thank you.” Su Nuo thanked him again and turned away immediately, knowing when to stop.

But Su Nuo was feeling sweet in her heart as if flowers are blooming. Because Gu's explanation is too obvious and the reason is far-fetched. This little tsundere can’t hide it from her.

Little handsome guy, if you want to know the name just tell this sister. This sister doesn't mind telling you directly.

Su Nuo entered the classroom just as the bell rang.

The classmates are all in their seats, but they have not yet entered the learning state. Some of them are preparing for class, some are talking to their seatmates, and the classroom is very noisy.

But when Su Nuo stepped into the door, the room suddenly became quiet and dozens of eyes looked at her.

Su Nuo remembers that her personal relationship in this class was not good.

It’s not because she is annoying. It was only because, at that time, Su Nuo was a little autistic and did not like to communicate with people. She also had no friends.

When it is necessary to talk to a teacher or a classmate, she also used a very small voice, so she was always considered too weak by her classmates.

In addition, she was too nervous when she takes her exam. She can't even answer the questions and so her grades are at the bottom in this class.

[End of Chapter 010] 

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