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Thursday, October 31, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 9

Chapter 009: That school bag is too ugly. 

Originally, Su Nuo only needed to walk through the faculty dormitory to save time. Now, she just wants to make the road become longer.

Su Nuo passed by the fourth dormitory and turned right, then after she passed by the third dormitory, she turned left again.

After three turns and as the two went around, Gu Chenglan’s big hand pulled Su Nuo’s collar behind: “Did you just went around on purpose? Don’t fool me.”

“I didn’t.” Su Nuo opened her eyes wide and groundlessly said: “Can you walk through the shortest road which will pass the women’s restroom? I took a detour to lead you the way.”

Gu Chenglan: “......”

“Let’s go, we’ll arrive soon. After passing by the building in front, we will turn west then you’ll see the back door to the high school building.” They both went to the back door and were about to pass through the school gate.

Gu Chenglan narrowed his eyes and turned his head to look at the young girl beside him. He obviously saw through her little tricks but he didn’t hate her in his heart. Rather, he inexplicably felt that she was interesting.

Su Nuo secretly observed Gu Chenglan’s expression. She thinks that he guessed that she must’ve been making mischief.

There’s no other way she can do. Gu Chenglan had always been handsome and dazzling. There are always beautiful girls around him.

Although she knows that Gu Chenglan is not interested in all the girls, even if she pesters him, she has no chance to get close to him.

Su Nuo inwardly sighed. She remembers that they did not start their relationship like this in their past life.

At that time, she went to her brother’s class and Gu Chenglan immediate fell in love with her at first sight. In addition to the relationship of being her brother’s classmate, Gu Chenglan has the advantage of being in a favored position.
[TL: 近水楼台先得月 --> the advantage of being in a favored position. Tell me if I’m wrong or if I should replace it. There should be a better phrasing here.]

Now that it’s the other way around, Su Nuo has no choice but to use some little tricks. It’s all so that she can catch this big fish.

Anyway, Su Nuo is still very happy and she expects that the ending in this life will be very different. The process of them falling in love will also be different.

As soon as Gu Chenglan turned his head again, he saw Su Nuo tilt her head while foolishly grinning.

The curved corners of her mouth and the revealed neat rows of little white teeth made Su Nuo seem more charming and lovely.

“Umm……” Gu Chenglan hesitated but he still pointed at Su Nuo’s shoulder: “Do you want me to help you carry one for you?”

From the beginning, Gu Chenglan was curious as to why this girl is carrying two backpacks. The other bag’s owner is obviously owned by a man and it looked bigger and heavier.

Gu Chenglan doesn’t have a prying nature so all this time, he restrained himself from asking.

After walking for a long while, Gu Chenglan finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He always felt that such a big bag would knock the girl down to the ground at the very next moment.

Su Nuo blinked and suddenly a bunch of stars twinkled in her eyes. Is Gu Chenglan concerned? That’s right, it must be right.

“Thank you.” Su Nuo handed him the bag unceremoniously.

Even though it was just a school bag, Gu Chenglan being able to help her for a while is good, too.

If she was able to get a hint of Gu Chenglan’s scent, she definitely won’t wash the bag for the whole semester.

As she was thinking, her right shoulder felt light and Gu Chenglan had directly carried her brother’s bag away.

“Not that, that……”

“That’s too ugly.” Gu Chenglan gave a despising glance at the pink bag on Su Nuo’s hand then turned away.

Eh, well, she thinks that it’s pretty good.

But Gu Chenglan’s vision is really good. If he said it’s ugly, it must be ugly and if he said it looks good, then it must really be beautiful. Why else would he fall for her? Right?

After comforting and indulging herself for a while, Su Nuo rushed to catch up with Gu Chenglan.

[End of Chapter 009] 

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