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October 24, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 8

Chapter 008: My name is Su Nuo, it’s nice to meet you.

Su Nuo doesn’t know if she should feel joy or apprehension in her heart.

Obviously, the person she loves for a lifetime is right in front of her. This kind of feeling of losing something then regaining it again made her stir up in ecstasy that made her body shudder.

Unfortunately, it happened that the two people came back to the time when they didn’t know each other.

The indistinct first hasn’t emerged yet. Even at this time, Gu Chenglan will not look at any girl with his outwardly cold indifference.

How will she be able to stand beside Gu Chenglan again? She shouldn’t rush it. She must settle down.

With his hands in his pockets, Gu Chenglan impatiently looked around at the strange small building around him then he fiercely kicked the stone by his foot.

His father must be crazy to transfer him to such a place. Even rabbits won’t defecate here.

Well now, this Eldest Young Master Gu who can drive around Beihua City with his eyes closed actually got lost in this small school area.

The sound of footsteps could be heard behind him, timidly following him but didn’t dare to come closer. Gu Chenglan became more upset because of this.

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When he looked back, he saw a young girl in a school uniform standing a few steps behind him.

The school uniform was obviously one size larger. The shoulder seam was halfway down her arms. The cuffs completely covered the back of her hands, revealing only a few thin fingertips. Her trousers were loose and loosely piled up on her foot. She’s wearing an old pair of white rubber shoes that’s starting to look yellowish.

Gu Chenglan squinted. He looked at the girl with her eyes wide opened and hooked his finger: “Little girl, how do I go to the high school building?”

“Ah?” Su Nuo’s brain is still short-circuited.

From the moment Gu Chenglan turned around, Su Nuo became thoroughly stupid at once.

The 18-year-old Gu Chenglan has a kind of stomach rumbling handsomeness(痞味的帅气). His long bangs covered his eyebrows and almost hanged on his eyelashes.

The long and thick eyelashes slightly moved and the few strands of hair seemed to stir up something in people’s hearts.

When Gu Chenglan hooked his fingers at her, the slenderness of his finger was clear. A curve and a hook of it is simply provoking her ah!

“Hello.” Gu Chenglan raised his voice. He clearly saw a component of a love-struck fool in this little girl’s eyes. How old is this girl? This expression is simply...

“Um, I-I’m Su Nuo. It’s nice to meet you.” Su Nuo finally came back to her senses. She stretched out her hand and ran over, in a hurry to introduce herself.

Gu Chenglan: “......”

“That, you want to go to the high school building?” Su Nuo awkwardly took back her hand and rubbed it on her pants. Afterward, she took two steps forward: “Come with me. I’m also going to the high school building. The first class in the second year.”

“What?” Gu Chenglan couldn’t believe what he had heard. The little girl in front of him is actually a high school student?

And she- she’s is also in the second year of high school, which is the same class as himself!!

“No, my brother is in the first class in the second year.

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“Let’s go.” Gu Chenglan coldly said and no longer spoke again. He quickly walked in front.

The girl is cute and a little silly, but she is not annoying. Gu Chenglan is not used to being in contact with people and strangers are especially not in his favor so he deliberately wants to increase the distance.

“This way. Over there is the female’s restroom.” Su Nuo sneered and took the opportunity to catch up to Gu Chenglan and gently pull his sleeve.

Gu Chenglan embarrassed touched his nose but this time he didn’t scramble to walk in front.

Su Nuo is very happy. Although Gu Chenglan is walking behind her now, she believes that they will definitely walk side-by-side on the campus path soon.

They will even walk through winds and rain and go all the way to get their happiness.

[End of Chapter 008]

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