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Friday, October 18, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 7

Chapter 007: Meeting Gu Chenglan again

Su Yang went to Aunt Zhou’s home to pick his mother while Su Nuo went back to the house to talk to her grandmother.

She had not seen her mother for a long time. When she saw her grandmother’s thin and looming cheekbones, her tears fell in distress.

Su Nuo remembers that her grandmother lived happily in their house and her mother is also very good to her. But it didn’t take too long for her grandmother to……

“Xiao Nuo ah, come over. Let your grandma have a good look at you.” Grandma stretched out her thin hands towards Su Nuo while looking at her with loving eyes.

“Grandma, I missed you so much.” Su Nuo rushed to her grandmother’s bed and put her head on her lap.

“My Xiao Nuo has grown up and became more beautiful.” Grandma’s hand gently stroked Su Nuo’s head: “It’s a pity ah. Grandma thinks that she won’t be able to see our Xiao Nuo get married.”

“Grandma, don’t talk about it. You’ll live until you’re a hundred years old.” Su Nuo looked up. She held back her tears and gave her grandmother a sweet smile.

Grandma came and they turned into a family of four. Even though the grief still exists, their hearts ignited with hope.

The next morning, Su Nuo woke up early. She was no longer the little girl who needed to be taken care of by her mother and her brother.

Su Nuo first entered her grandma’s room. Her grandma’s legs had atrophied so she wants to give her a daily massage to help her reduce the pain.

Fang Yalan heard the sound coming from the kitchen and saw Su Nuo kneading her grandmother’s calves. She was both surprised and gratified.

“Mom, you should go to eat breakfast first. I will feed grandmother later while you can go straight to work.”

Su Nuo knows that her mother’s workplace is very far. Sometimes, she wasn’t able to pack a lunchbox for herself because she’s worried that she’ll be late. Therefore, she should help her share the responsibility.

Fang Yalan looked at her daughter that grew up overnight. Her heart couldn’t help but warm up and she nodded with teary eyes.

She served them two bowls of rice which were topped with side dishes. On one hand, she fed her grandma. On the other hand, she took care of her own food.

It wasn’t until her mother went to work when she realized that her brother, Su Yang, hasn’t returned yet.

Su Nuo knows that her brother took a milk delivery job in order to make up for the family expenses. Every day before dawn, he world go door-to-door to deliver milk. Sometimes, he would even be late for school.

Su Nuo left a note for her brother to eat breakfast before leaving. She then went to her grandmother to say “goodbye” before going out carrying two people’s bags.

Both her brother Su Yan and Su Nuo go to Liu Zhong(六中) school. Su Yang is in his second year of high school while Su Nuo is second year in middle school.
(TL: I’ll just put the uncertain translations in a parenthesis)

Su Nuo is going to bring her brother’s school bag to his classroom first. It’s so that even if her brother is late, he can find an excuse to deceive them.

Liu Zhong Middle School and High School are separated by a large playground and faculty dormitory in the middle. It’s quite far with one on the north and one in the south.

In order to save time, Su Nuo decided to take a shortcut through the faculty dormitory so that she won’t have to hurry going back.

Just as she turned the corner of the second dormitory, Su Nuo says a tall and slender back in front.

The man was wearing the plainest white shirt and blue trousers but the figure of his back was especially visible.

Straight back, broad shoulders and a thin waist. It’s him!

“Gu……” Su Nuo couldn’t help calling out the name “Gu Chenglan” but she immediately tightly covered her mouth.

Yesterday, it’s only a glimpse. Gu Chenglan obviously didn’t know her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

In other words, it was only her who was reborn. She couldn’t miss this chance, but she also can’t be too aggressive in expressing herself.

Because Su Nuo knows Gu Chenglan and she especially knows how proud the 18-year-old Gu Chenglan is.

[End of Chapter 007]

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