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October 15, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 6

Chapter 006: One sentence: If thrown on the floor, it will make a sound(掷地有声)

In just a few words, Su Nuo had completely subdued her second aunt, Han Cuiying.

Han Cuiying’s heart started to beat like a drum but she doesn’t want to run with her tail between her legs. She asked: “You…… what else is there?”

Su Nuo simply didn’t pay attention to Han Cuiying, but she continued facing the crowd, saying: “Everyone here is an old neighbor. You should know that my grandfather was part of the Red Army(红军) back in the days and he also participated in the “Resist US, help North Korea(抗美援朝)”. Even if my late grandfather was no longer an army official, later on, my grandmother as her family can also receive government subsidies.
[Huntress: If you’re curious, search for it. Google is just a few clicks and types away. It will take too long if I explain it here]

“Who received all those subsidies that my grandmother deserves in all these years? And when my grandfather died, who received the condolences and compensation from the government?”

Actually, Su Nuo knew that the money was taken and shared between her second aunt and eldest aunt.

In those days, Father Su felt a sense of guilt that he couldn’t take care of his old mother as the eldest son of the family so he didn’t ask a part of the money.

Su Nuo’s mother, Fang Yalan, is also a virtuous and generous person. She was also unlikely to scheme against her brother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

However, the kindness and generosity of their family were treated as a weakness. They were always bullied and taken advantage of by their uncles and aunts.

Not wanting to tolerate it anymore, Su Nuo simply said these words in front of the crowd this time.

It was so sudden that her second aunt, Han Cuiying, wasn’t able to speak to contradict her. She even immediately became listless.

They didn’t pay too much attention to this matter. Now, they’re even more afraid that Su Nuo would not let go of this matter and force them to take out the money.

Han Cuiying turned around and looked at her husband who never said anything at all. She walked up to him and twisted his ears, shouting: “Are you deaf? Your niece asked you about the money, okay? What about the money?”

Uncle Su Qisheng was hurt by her pulling his ears. He didn’t dare to make his wife angry. He could only helplessly and poorly look at Su Nuo. He whispered: “Xiao Nuo, this matter…… it’s not good to talk about this in front of outsiders. We’re going back to look into this.”

“Okay, I’ll wait for second uncle. The specific amount of money and how much is spent on grandmother, you should go home and talk about this.”

Su Nuo’s words were powerful and resonating(掷地有声).
[TL: I’m very confused by that idiom. Suggestions are open.]

Han Cuiying could no longer say anything more. She pulled her husband’s head and walked away without returning.

Watching as her second uncle and her second aunt leave, Su Nuo took out a long breath.

In the past life, Su Nuo had never talked so loudly to people before. Criticizing publicly is something she’d never done.

But this does not prove that Su Nuo was stupid. She felt that as long as there is logic in it, there is nothing to fear.

The crowd watching the bustling scene also looked at Su Nuo. Usually, this girl just comes and goes in the street without any sense of presence. Now they found out that this girl actually has a powerful mouth ah.

Su Yang just helped his grandmother settle down when he heard the last words from Su Nuo.

Su Yang didn’t come forward immediately but he leaned on the doorway to watch his little sister smile.

As soon as Su Nuo turned around, she met Su Yang’s eyes. Her face suddenly turned red: “Brother, how long have you been standing there? Did you deliberately just watch me and the shrew bicker?”

Su Yang came over and touched Su Nuo’s hair. He smiled and said: “I didn’t expect my younger sister to be so ferocious. Xiao Nuo, good job. Elder brother also thinks that our family used to be too kind. Afterward, no one should want to bully us.”

Su Nuo and her elder brother softly hit their palms. The two siblings both showed a smile.

[End of Chapter 006] 

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