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October 10, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 5

Chapter 005: Don’t lower oneself to a shrew’s level

Su Nuo looked back to see her watch Su Yang bring their grandmother inside the only. Only then did she slowly turned back to look at Han Cuiying.

In the past life, Su Nuo was afraid of this shrew. When she sees her, she will hide. And she will cry when she was scolded by her.

But the Su Nuo in this lifetime is different. She would no longer swallow her voice nor would she let her family be bullied.

Han Cuiying just threw a mouthful of words to Su Nuo. She wants to scold this little girl a little more. However, the Su Nuo in front of her seems to be different.

Perhaps it’s her unswerving determination under that angry expression, or perhaps her calm and outstanding attitude. It wasn’t like the little girl who shivers and couldn’t speak when she saw herself(HCY).

“What are you looking at? You don’t know how to call “second aunt” when you see me, who spoiled you so much that you become impolite?” Han Cuiying is actually scared in her heart, but she still stalked her neck to shout at Su Nuo.

Su Nuo took a deep breath and tried to press down the hatred and resentment in her mind. She kept telling herself that she can’t lower herself to a shrew’s level and that she must be more rational than this shrew.

She first coldly called out “second aunt” then said: “For sending grandma to us, I am grateful to second uncle and aunt for giving us an opportunity to be filial. And so I also want to ask, do you pay for the support you gave to grandma or do you go from house to house to collect the money every month?”

“What? What to pay for?” Han Cuiying is pretending not to know about it but her eyes showed that she was beginning to be somewhat panicked.

“Second aunt, in the past three years, no matter whether grandmother is in you three families’ homes, my family had always sent the money for the support.”

Su Nuo faced the crowd and loudly said: “It’s 25 Yuan a month. If it was sent even a day later, you would come to our house to threaten us with taking away our home and to give us a scolding every time. How did you forget about it?”

In the 1980s, 25 Yuan is already a lot.

At that time, a popsicle is only 5 cents, bread costs 25 cents and taking a bus from one bus terminal to another is only 2 cents.

Father Su’s salary is more than 50 Yuan a month. Later on, her father became seriously ill and wasn’t able to work. His work unit only issued a minimum of 30 Yuan of life insurance.

In this circumstance, the family still insisted to send 25 Yuan of alimony to her grandmother. Therefore, doesn’t her second aunt have any conscience when she tattled that they were unfilial?

When they heard Su Nuo’s words, the people around suddenly murmured:

“The Su husband and wife were really good people. They can’t take care of the elderly but they still send money every month. They’re good.”

“That’s right, it’s 25 Yuan. How much of that can the old lady consume to live? The people taking care of the old lady can even earn money from it.”

“Fang Yalan is really a good daughter-in-law and wife. She serves her husband and takes care of her two children. She also has to work to make up for their household expenses. She also brings the elders clothes and buys new shoes. She’s really good.”

Han Cuiying couldn’t maintain her face. She screamed while pointing her fingers to the crowd: “What are you claiming? Do you think that taking care of an old lady is comfortable? Why don’t you take in the old lady into your house? God knows how serving had made me suffer all sorts of hardships and made me full of worries. It even impeded in work, ok.”

The surrounding people were suddenly scolded for no reason. They were for the most past unhappy. Although they didn’t speak at all, the way they look at Han Cuiying can’t be said to be good.

Su Nuo stepped forward again and loudly said: “Second aunt, no matter the heart or the effort is given, it’s our duty to be filial to our elders. Since our grandmother came to our house, we will take care of her. But there is one more thing I want to ask you and you must give me your answer today.”

[End of Chapter 005]

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