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October 07, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 4

Chapter 004: Second Aunt Came to their Door

Su Nuo’s heart suddenly felt warm. In the previous life, Gu Chenglan ignored the danger and faced death for herself.

The heavens gave them one more chance. So even if there are big misunderstandings and more problems, she must be firm and be together with Gu Chenglan.

With this little expectation, the grief in Su Nuo’s heart caused by her father’s death seems to be relieved a little.

She got off the car and went towards her home. She just turned on the alley leading to her home and saw a crowd of people in front of her house.

Fang Yalan and Su Yang were both stunned, not knowing what happened.

Su Nuo looked at the scene in front of her and remembered. In the past life, it was during this time when her second uncle and her second aunt sent her sick grandmother to their home.

“Xiao Nuo, wait here with mom. I’ll go ahead and see.” Su Yang gestured to Su Nuo to take care of their mother and go inside the house first.

Su Nuo thought about the other party and said the Yalan: “Mom, I seem to have heard second aunt’s voice. I’ll go check it with my brother. You should go to Aunt Zhou’s house for now.”

Aunt Zhou and her mother are colleagues and the two families’ houses were not far apart. During the illness of her father, Aunt Zhou had been a great help to her family.

The name of Su Nuo’s second aunt is Han Cuiying, well-known as a shrewd person. Every time they visit their home, there will be a big-mouthed scolding.

Her mother is an honest woman. She had suffered a lot of losses in the past from Han Cuiying’s bullying.

Fang Yalan felt that she needs forward to face Han Cuiying’s “not to overlook, no spare” scoldings but the two siblings cannot be bothered to go back. So she had to agree to what Su Nuo said.

Su Nuo sent her mother to the direction of Aunt Zhou’s house and immediately returned. The people enjoying the bustling scene saw Su Nuo return and spread out a little to give way.

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The kind-hearted grandmother Li pulled Su Nuo and whispered to her: “Xiao Nuo ah, don’t go in. Your second aunt will scold you.”

“Grandma Li, I’m grateful but I can’t let my brother be bullied alone.” Su Nuo said. She patted Grandma Li’s hand and resolutely entered the crowd.

At the door of the house, a hand-pushed flatbed cart was parked with Grandma Su half-lying and half-sitting on it.

Her second uncle crouched next to the cart while melancholy smoking. He couldn’t control his wife nor could he protect his mother.

Second aunt Han Cuiying arrogantly held her waist and loudly shouted: “These neighbors, come here to judge how Su family lacks filial piety. The old lady gave birth to four children. Three families provided for our elders but only their family didn’t support the elderly.

“Su Yang, are you still the grandson of the Su family? Can’t you fill in for your father and serve your grandmother?”

Su Yang has a black face due to anger. His lips trembled and he couldn’t speak for a while. After a while, he said: “Second aunt, it’s not like we don’t want to support our grandmother. My father had been sick these past years……”

“Is being sick the reason? Your grandmother is also sick. Aren’t they both the same?” Han Cuiying loudly said while her saliva splattered: “Now that your dad’s gone, I brought your grandmother to you. You have to support this person anyway. Don’t think that we’re bullying you.”

Just listening to this, this way of talking, don’t know who is actually bullying who.

Su Nuo frowned beside her brother. She gently pulled her brother’s sleeve: “Brother, bring grandma inside the house first.”

Su Yang came back to his senses. He hurriedly went to the side of the cart and carried his thin-to-the-bone Grandmother into the house.

“Hmph, you finally had a bit of conscience.” Her second aunt raised her nose. She said with a smug face: “Us three families took turns to raise the old lady in our house for three years so for the next three years, you should raise her in your house. It’s alright if something happens. Just don’t come looking for us. You should do what you see is fit.”

[End of Chapter 004]

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