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Sunday, October 06, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 3


Chapter 3: The encounter happened earlier

“Mom, you still have me and my brother. Our family will be alright.”

Su Nuo still remembers that in the past life, she continued to wake up crying and cried herself to sleep every day because she couldn’t accept the fact that her father had already died.

At that time, her mother held her hands all night, giving her the utmost comfort she can give.

Now reborn to a new life, it’s Su Nuo’s turn to comfort her mother to make her soon break out from the pain of suffering from losing a loved one.
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“Mom.” Her Brother Su Yang gently knocked on the door, “Everything’s ready. Come over and check.”

“Okay.” Fang Yalan nodded. She patted Su Nuo’s hand and finally went outside.

Su Nuo couldn’t help but feel distressed while looking at her brother’s thin and childish face. He had just turned 18 and he had to take up the responsibility for taking care of their family’s home so early.

Without delay, Su Nuo said: “Brother, you’ve worked hard for these past few days. Tell me if there’s anything I can do to help. I will do it.”

Su Yang was surprised. He gave a doting look at his younger sister and gave her an encouraging smile, “It’s nothing. Your brother is at it. You should spend more time with mom.”

Su Nuo accepted. She got dressed immediately and then she took out a small flower to put on her left ear like her mother.

In the past life, fifteen-year-old Su Nuo would do nothing but cry. Meanwhile, her mother and her brother were busy with her father’s funeral and taking care of her.

Now, Su Nuo has learned how to express her mourning for her father in one way. That is, to help her brother take care of their family.

In the car back from the funeral to return home, the family of three were still immersed in their grief.

Su Nuo looked out the window and watched the familiar but strange scenery before completely accepting the reality of her rebirth.

While waiting for the red light to turn green on the intersection, a black car stopped next to the taxi Su Nuo was in. The window was opened halfway, revealing the handsome face of a teenager in the backseat.

He has dark black hair, a smooth forehead and deep indifferent eyes underneath his stalwart brow bones. He also has a tall nose bridge and sharp but angular thin lips

Su Nuo was startled and immediately leaned on the window. She wanted to see more clearly.

It’s Gu Chenglan!! Although it’s only the side of his face, Su Nuo couldn’t be mistaken because his face had already been deeply ingrained in her mind.

The red light turned green and the two vehicles moved at the same time. However, the military vehicle noticeably accelerated.

Su Nuo wanted to seize the last chance to look more at Gu Chenglan. She was entirely pasted on the car window.

Gu Chenglan who’s sitting in the car apparently sensed something and turned to look at her way.

The girl’s face was somewhat deformed as it squeezed on the glass but it could still be distinguished that it’s a beautiful face. Her small nose that sticks to the glass looks exceptionally ironic. It’s as if she’s making a face.

Gu Chenglan’s couldn’t help but hook the corner of his mouth, giving his cold lips a warm and soft smile.

The distance between the two vehicles quickly widened. Su Nuo’s heart seemed to beat loudly like a drum.

At the same time, Su Nuo was abruptly surprised. The time of her encounter with Gu Chenglan is not right ah!

In the past life, Gu Chenglan was transferred to their high school next semester as a senior. It just happened that he was also Su Yang’s classmate.

The two of them knew each other when Su Nuo went to find Su Yan. After that is the slow budding of the indistinct first love.

But this chance encounter is nearly a year ahead of time from the time they met in the past life.

What’s going on? Is there anything else that changed other than this small time node?

Does this change mean that there will be a different development in their relationship? Will this…… avoid the end they experienced in their past life?!!

[End of Chapter 003] 
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