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Thursday, October 03, 2019

80's Sweet Marriage Chapter 2


Chapter 002: Her rebirth

Su Nuo felt something splash on her face. It’s wet, warm and a little rusty.

She turned her head. The muzzle of the gun on Wang Yuanyuan is still faintly smoking.

“Wang Yuanyuan, why don’t you kill me?” Su Nuo suddenly pushed Wang Yuanyuan away. She pounced toward Gu Chenglan with her whole body.

Gu Chenglan caught Su Nuo with open arms and held her tightly to his body.

Su Nuo finally felt Gu Chenglan’s embrace again. It gives a sense of security that no one else can bring.

However, the thick smell of blood assailed her nose and the blood still kept pouring out.

“Chenglan, why did you come? Didn’t we already…… break up?” Su Nuo sobbed.

“No, (we) never broke up.” Gu Chenglan held Su Nuo’s face with his hands as if he’s holding onto the one and only treasure in his life: “Xiao Nuo, my heart has always been yours. I’m not married and so are you. Can we start over again?”

“Okay, let’s start over again.” Su Nuo vigorously nodded and tried to hold back her tears.

Gu Chenglan smiled. He printed a deep kiss on Su Nuo’s forehead. It was filled with complete yearning and unwillingness to part. Immediately after, his body fell in Su Nuo’s arms.

“Chenglan!!” Su Nuo trembled as she pressed on the wound on Gu Chenglan’s chest but her fingertips felt that the blood is indeed beginning to become cold.

“The special forces are coming!!” A black-clothed man suddenly came in and reported: “All the exits are blocked.”

“Haha” Wang Yuanyuan laughed, her eyes are however filled with tears: “Gu Chenglan, this life I can’t get your love. I will destroy it! Destroy all!”

As she says that, Wang Yuanyuan pulled out a detonator and pressed the red button hard.

In a tremendous sound, a huge fire and a strong airwave made everything vanish in a puff of smoke.

At the last moment, the voice of Gu Chenglan is still ringing in Su Nuo’s ears with what he said to her: Let’s start over again!!

“Xiao Nuo, get up.” A gentle female voice was heard. A warm hand softly patted Su Nuo on her cheek.

Su Nuo tried to open her eyes. Her eyelids felt swollen and sore.

When she saw the person in front of her, Su Nuo sat up: “Mom?!!”

The woman in front of her is her mother, Fang Yalan. However, her mother had already died a long time ago.

Could it be that after the explosion, she went to heaven and saw her mother?

“Xiao Nuo, today is your father’s Mo Qi(末七)*, hurry and get up.” Fang Yalan brought Su Nuo a white blouse. On the white blouse’s left sleeve, there is a black armband.
[Huntress: Mo Qi - The last week of burning paper offerings. The seventh day of every week is the paper burning day. This will continue until 7 weeks or 49 days. Mo Qi was a part of Shao Qi(烧七) which literally means “burn seven”. For more info, you can search for it or go here.]

It was at that moment that Su Nuo realized that Fang Yalan was wearing a black dress. There’s also a small white flower on her ears.

Su Nuo remembered clearly that her mother has always been dressed like this in the first three months of his father’s death.

Su Nuo secretly sneaked her hands on her leg and gave it a pinch. It unbearably hurts so it must be real.

Could it be that…… it’s a rebirth?

Su Nuo glanced around the room. The door against the wall was not tightly closed and the old square table on the corner was worn down. This is surely the old house back home.

Looking at the calendar at the table, the date shown is the 26th day of April in the year 198x. The death of her father has passed for more than a month!!

“Mom!” Su Nuo suddenly pounced into her mother’s arms. She hugged Fang Yalan and bitterly cried.

She’s back. She was born again and returned to thirty years ago. Although her father had already passed away, she still has her mother and her brother!

“Xiao Nuo, don’t cry. You can’t let your father see that we’re sad. You must be strong.”

Her words weren’t completely said yet but her tears had already flowed down her cheeks. She could only touch Su Nuo’s hair with her hands as she tried to soothe her daughter.

[End of Chapter 002] 
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