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Friday, September 27, 2019

80s Sweet Marriage Chapter 1


Chapter 001: Xiao Nuo, I’m late

The dark, damp warehouse was filled with the pungent smell of mold.

Surrounded by black-clothed people who stared at her like fierce tigers watching their prey, Su Nuo can only curl up while shivering on the gloomy and cold corner.

*Tap* *Tap* The sound of high heels approached closer. A woman wearing a red windbreaker stood in front of Su Nuo and looked at her condescendingly.

Su Nuo looked up and saw a beautiful and flamboyant face. She froze: “Wang Yuanyuan!”

Wang Yuanyuan silently sneered. Her red nail polished finger slowly dialed a number on the phone. She crouched down and handed the phone to Su Nuo: “Let him bring the things within two hours.”

“Who?” Su Nuo blinked her eyes in confusion.

“Gu Chenglan!”

Wang Yuanyuan indifferently spat out the name but it seemed to stab something in Su Nuo’s heart.

“We, Gu Chenglan and I…… don’t have any relationship.” Su Nuo smiled and avoided the phone in front of her, “It’s useless to call him.”

*chuckle* Wang Yuanyuan laughed harshly: “No relationship? You’re stupid so you don’t know. He had never broken your promises. He had always been silently protecting you. Otherwise, why do you think I brought you here?”

Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes flashed with hatred and unwillingness. She wasn’t willing to lose to an ordinary person such as Su Nuo. She was more than unwilling to let Gu Chenglan not marry for this woman.
These words echoed in Su Nuo’s ears.

Twenty-five years. Was it really a misunderstanding?

“Then he- Why didn’t he come to me?” Su Nuo shook her head. Her throat seems to have a lump of cotton, almost making her speechless.

“Do you think that he’s traveling all around the world? He’s on a top-secret mission. After you left, he dedicated all of himself to the country. The reason he no longer contacts you, it was all for your safety.”

Wang Yuanyuan hatefully gnashed her teeth and hoarsely roared: “Make him come! Let Gu Chenglan come immediately! Or else, I’ll kill you.”

A familiar and gentle voice suddenly sounded from the earpiece. It’s as if it’s whispering to Su Nuo’s ears from many years ago: “Xiao Nuo.”

Su Nuo’s body went stiff. Her nervous heart seemed to stop.

“Xiao Nuo, don’t be afraid.” Gu Chenglan calmly comforted her: “I’ll be there soon.”

“She is……” Su Nuo finally squeezed out two words.

Gu Chenglan immediately interrupted her: “I know. I understand. Wait for me.”

A lot of tears dripped down. Su Nuo tried hard to hold back but she still couldn’t stop whimpering.
In the end, she needed to bite her fists to try holding back crying.

*Tatata* The sound of helicopter’s propellers approached. Huge waves of air seemed to blow away the roof of the warehouse.

Wang Yuanyuan pulled Su Nuo up and sneered: “Let’s go. Let’s go meet Eldest Young Master Gu*. You should thank me for letting you two meet again after a long time."
[Huntress: Da Shao = Eldest Young Master. Thanks Psychobee.]

Su Nuo finally saw Gu Chenglan again.

Time didn’t leave any traces on him. His back was still straight. He still has a handsome face but his eyes showed an increasing calmness and momentum.

Gu Chenglan stepped off the helicopter and firmly walked step by step towards Su Nuo.

The surrounding black-clothed men pointed their guns but Gu Chenglan seems to regard them as lowly insignificant dirt.

And regarding Wang Yuanyuan who’s beside Su Nuo, Gu Chenglan didn’t even give her a glance.

“Gu Da Shao really have guts. The things?” Wang Yuanyuan suddenly took one of the guns from the black-clothed men around them and pointed the muzzle to Su Nuo’s temple.

“Xiao Nuo, I’m late. Sorry.” Gu Chenglan kept his eyes on Su Nuo as he still keeps firmly moving forward, “Forgive me, okay?”

Su Nuo tried hard to take down her tears so that she can see Gu Chenglan more clearly. She tried to reach out to Gu Chenglan, even hoping that she will get to hug him again.


*bang* With a sound, Gu Chenglan’s body paused. Bright red blood blossomed on his chest.

[End of Chapter 1]

TL: This will be the teaser. I'll continue posting by October or November.


  1. Da shao = eldest young master
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