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March 10, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 44


Chapter 44: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold [END]

Ah Zhao accompanied Xiao Yan for many years.

The second year after Ah Zhao woke up, her body was finally completely restored. She and Xiao Yan also transitioned into a romantic relationship.

In the third year, Xiao Yan proposed to Ah Zhao.

Without announcing to the world, both of them held their wedding in a quiet chapel.

During the wedding, Ah Zhao can hear the sound of the system weeping in her ears.

Ah Zhao was somewhat baffled: “Marshmallow, why are you crying?”

The system was weeping a lot: “I, I hate to part with you, host.”

Ah Zhao: “......I just got married. Don’t tell me that you will no longer be by my side?”

The system paused: “Oh, no.”

Ah Zhao: “Then why are you crying?”

The system sobbed: “Um, isn’t this what they always show in TV series?”

Ah Zhao: “......”

“Ah Zhao, I’m very happy.” This is the first time Xiao Yan didn’t call her teacher.

Ah Zhao looked at him with a smile: “I am also very happy.”

She likes the feeling of being looked at by him with gentle eyes.

She likes the feeling of being held in the warmth of his embrace.

She likes the feeling of being surrounded by the heat of his kisses.

She likes the smell of his body, likes his smile, likes his deep eyes and the eternal love that can be shown through those eyes.

Ah Zhao did not understand love before. She also may not necessarily know much about it now.

All that she understands is that she likes the feeling of being with Xiao Yan.

To live a life, she only wishes to live a happy life.

After their marriage, Ah Zhao didn’t have any children. Many people often mentioned it behind their back and to Xiao Yan many times.

However, these rumors never reached Ah Zhao’s ear. Those who gossip about it also never appeared in the Xiao clan.

At the tenth year anniversary since the two of them married each other, Ah Zhao finally became pregnant gave birth to a little mián ǎo(棉袄) for Xiao Yan.
[TL: I have no idea what it was talking about. It might be the child’s name for all I know. mián ǎo(棉袄)=cotton-padded jacket.]

The tiny little girl was born with two black large round eyes, outstanding nose, delicate lips and appears to be a carving out of Ah Zhao’s mold.

Xiao Yan wants to pamper the two, one big and one small, at home like a treasure. It’s like he can’t wait to stay at home every day but looking at the two of them, he felt that life is satisfying to the extreme.

At the age of fifty, Xiao Yan had a serious illness and his body declined visibly to the naked eye.

The suffering he experienced in his childhood had already taken root. In the end, he still fell to an incompletely cured illness.

Despite of the hospital’s attempt to obstruct him, Xiao Yan still insisted to leave the hospital.

He didn’t want Ah Zhao to be reminded of him and only remember the cold hospital and sorrow in her memory.

They went skiing together, went to the sea, and went to the desert.

Finally, they stopped their travels in a quiet southern town.

“Ah Zhao, I always thought that I can possibly let go.” The already thin Xiao Yan held Ah Zhao’s hand as they both strolled under the setting sun.

He looked at his lover. Time gave her an extra favor. When she was young, she was a much-anticipated beauty. Even now, she’s still a graceful lady.

Ah Zhao understood what he meant.

She carefully arranged the scarf on him and said while smiling: “Don’t let go of it if you can’t let go. Didn’t you say that? I’ve been yours in my whole life and you have to look after me well.”

Xiao Yan suddenly became very upset.

He had prided himself on the success in his life. He is very powerful in the eyes of many people.

But now, he just wants God to give him more time so that he can spend more time with his wife. He’s even willing to exchange it with all his wealth and achievements.

It’s all impossible.

“If I can, I hope that I can make a reservation of your next life.”

In Xiao Yan’s life, he doesn’t believe in the reincarnation of life nor Buddha. In the last moments of his life, he believed and humbly prayed like all pious believers.

He prayed for the afterlife.

Ah Zhao, who had always acted very calmly, suddenly started shedding tears.

It’s because she is very well aware of the existence of the Gods and Buddha. She knows clearer that she and Xiao Yan won’t have an afterlife.

She will go to another world to do the mission and help another person.

Xiao Yan will reincarnate like any other normal person.

They will not have another life anymore.


Two days passed, Xiao Yan died in his sleep.

Ah Zhao, under the worried eyes of everyone, calmly took care of all the funeral arrangements. She refused her daughter’s request to live together.

Since then, no one saw her ever again.

[End of Chapter 44]
[End of First World]

TL: And this is the end of the first world arc. The ending's bittersweet but at least they're together until old age.


  1. Xiǎo mián ǎo,it is what Chinese like to say about daughter. A daughter is like a little quilted vest to warm her parents hearts.

  2. My heart hurts, such a bittersweet ending...

    At least Ah Zhao is starting to understand what love is! Now hurry and find your hubby in the next world!

    Thanks for the chapter! 💕

  3. In the end how old was she when she got pregnant? I am solost ;-; and looking forward for the next arc !!

    1. Probably 30-ish? Still a pretty good age, although a bit dangerous...

  4. Thank you for this wonderful arc

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