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Sunday, February 24, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 42


Chapter 42: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 42

Ah Zhao: “......”

She feels like having a headache: “Can you please respect my opinion?”

Xiao Yan nodded: “Of course, I can.”

Ah Zhao felt happy in her heart, but the next sentence of Xiao Yan is:

“I can give teacher some time and wait for teacher to figure things out.”

Xiao Yan looked at her: “But this time, there’s no time limit.”

“What do you mean?”

Xiao Yan stretched out his hand and traced the bone along Ah Zhao’s eyebrows: “Because I don’t know much longer I can endure it.”

After Xiao Yan left, Ah Zhao lay on the bed while lost in thought.

“Marshmallow, how did the male lead become like this?”

As expected, the system expressed that it also doesn’t know.

Ah Zhao: “......I, what should I do?”

The system asked: “Does Host reject the male lead’s hugs and kisses?”

Ah Zhao’s complexion turned red: “What did you say!”

The system very understandingly nodded: “That means you don’t reject it. In human behavior, if these acts of the opposite sex are not rejected, then it can be understood as like.”
(TL: What about the same sex?)

Ah Zhao was confused: “Is that true?”

The system was very certain: “It’s true!”

Ah Zhao looked pensive.

That afternoon.

Xiao Yan brought a whole medical team to do a full body comprehensive exam on Ah Zhao. Finally, it was confirmed that Ah Zhao’s body doesn’t have any problem but her body needs to be slowly cultivated

Xiao Yan pushed the wheelchair and took Ah Zhao outside for a walk.

With regard to going out, it’s just on the lawn outside the villa.

“Oh, by the way.” Xiao Yan remembered something and made a call.

About half an hour later, a black car drove into the villa.

There was a young married couple that went down and a—— a dog.

The young couple looked very pale and uneasy, especially when they looked at Xiao Yan. It’s like they encountered severe floods and beasts.

The husky though has a lot of guts. As soon as it went down the car, it started running around like it was happy to be let loose.

Ah Zhao felt that the dog looked a little familiar.

The system said: “Of course, it is familiar ah. Host, that dog is the one that smashed you into a coma for five years ah.”

Ah Zhao: “......”

The couple apparently knew Ah Zhao. When they saw her, they almost fell into tears.

The two people directly rushed over and kept apologizing, simply full of guilt.

Ah Zhao felt that the reaction of these two people are a bit too much. Even if they are ashamed of themselves, it can be seen that she had woken up. It’s also unlikely to go so far as to be…...

This much emotional, right?

She doesn’t know but she feels like the other side looks at her like seeing their mother wake after five years of being in a comatose state.

Ah Zhao doesn’t know, even if their mother woke up, it is estimated that the couple would not be as excited as this.

At that time, Xiao Yan took Ah Zhao to the hospital. After everything had stabilized, he began to investigate the situation that day.

It turned out that on that day, there was a newlywed couple who quarreled on the top floor and the female pretended to commit suicide.

As a result, the husky thought that its mistress was really going to fall and rushed to catch her—— the person didn’t fall down but the dog fell down instead.

Fortunately and coincidentally as luck would have it, it smashed into Ah Zhao who was passing by.
(TL: Dog’s luck. AZ saved its life.)

The dog didn’t have any problem apart from a fractured leg but the person didn’t wake up.

How could Xiao Yan not feel hate?

He absolutely wouldn’t forgive the two people.

He directly used his connections to throw the couple into a temple and make them eat green vegetable and tofu in three meals a day. They have to chant Buddhist scriptures and pray for blessings for Ah Zhao. Additionally, they are not allowed to have a married life!
(TL: They can’t do “that” for five years.)

Five years had passed, the couple had been completely desperate for life when they suddenly knew the news of Ah Zhao waking up.

Ah Zhao is awake = They finally have the chance to leave the temple = They can finally eat meat!

How can they not get excited?

[End of Chapter 42]

(TL: XY let them off too easily. They still “live well”.)


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