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February 24, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 41


Chapter 41: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 41

Xiao Yan, who was holding her, heard her and laughed low: “It’s just right. Teacher, I also have something to tell you.”

Ah Zhao subconsciously put an attitude of herself being in the position of an elder: “Then you start.”

Xiao Yan gently played with Ah Zhao’s hand.

These hands used to be soft and delicate but now they are so thin and seemed easy to snap: “Where does teacher want to go for the honeymoon?”

Ah Zhao: “???”

Wait a minute, when did the topic turn into this?

No, two of them, how did they reach the honeymoon stage?

Clearly, the last moment, the relationship between the two of them are still purely a student-teacher relationship!

She forgot that the last moment she thought of happened five years ago.

For the past five years, both of them were impure already for a long time…...

Xiao Yan softly said: “Does teacher have a place you like? What do you think of Switzerland? How about New Zealand? I remember teacher saying that you like these two places……”

Ah Zhao found herself in a difficult situation and had to interrupt him: “Wait a minute!”

Xiao Yan stopped and looked at her.

Ah Zhao said: “I think we need to talk about the relationship between us.”

Xiao Yan tightly embraced her: “What does teacher want to talk about?”

Ah Zhao suddenly feels nervous. Obviously, Xiao Yan seemed to have a gentle appearance but somehow, she feels that if she says something wrong, there might be terrible consequences.

She tried to be tactful: “You should understand that I’ve always treated you as my student and as a child.”

Xiao Yan’s hand froze. How could he not know about it?

It was him who had feelings for her.

But since he had already fallen in, how could he let her go?

“Teacher, you’re really ruthless. It’s obvious that you seduced me first and now you want to push me aside.”

Ah Zhao doubted that there was something wrong with her ears.



Xiao Yan looked at Ah Zhao’s shocked wide-open eyes. He couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her eyes.

“I remember the feeling of teacher’s hand. It’s soft and silky.”

“Teacher’s embrace is fragrant and soft. It is like a sweet and gentle dream.

“When teacher kissed my lips. I thought that your lips must be very sweet. So sweet that I want to taste it a few more times……”

Ah Zhao couldn’t bear it anymore: “Xiao Yan, you shut up!”

Clearly, it’s just normal behavior. Why is it that when it is spoken from his mouth, it seems to…… to have so much obscure feeling?

Xiao Yan still felt quite wronged: “You see, teacher, you and I were always together each and every day, you either intentionally or unintentionally seduce me. Do you know that at that time, every night, I dream……”

He lowered his head and bit Ah Zhao’s ear: “All of you.”

Ah Zhao’s face blushed like it’s dripping blood.

The ears that Xiao Yan’s lips touched seemed like it’s not her own.

She stammered as she said: “You, you are perverted and kinky!”
(TL: Not a good translation of it but close enough.”

This man, what the hell is he thinking all day long?

“Well, then I am a perverted and kinky person.” Contrary to one might expect, Xiao Yan very straightforwardly admitted it.

His tone suddenly went gloomily low: “In these five years, I think of teacher in every minute, and every second of every day. I’m going to die thinking about it.”

“Fortunately, you woke up.”

Ah Zhao softened down even if she knew that the man in front of her is only pretending and acting miserable.

But she must admit that she couldn’t stand him looking like this.

She couldn’t help but pat him on his back and softly said: “Aren’t I already fine now? It won’t happen again in the future.”

Xiao Yan buried his head in her hair: “Teacher won’t leave me again?”

Ah Zhao replied without thinking. “Not at all.”

“So when are we going to get our certificate?”
(TL: Marriage Certificate. Nice segue way.)

[End of Chapter 41]


  1. Lol she's falling into his trap so easily 😂😂😂 also he's definitely totally yandere. Best of luck AZ .
    Thanks so much for the chappie.

  2. How is this so cute? I hope AZ gets to tell XY what she really feels.
    Thank you for another cute chapter!

  3. i can't wait for the wedding *p*

  4. For the a second their I thought AZ woukd go about it like,
    "Shameless! This one has only had teaching in mind and had went with tender means to go about it! You are clearly distorting the teacher-student relationship!"


    Certificate ☆v☆

    Thanks for the translation and editing!


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