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February 17, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 40


Chapter 40: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 40

At this moment, Xiao Yan is sitting his study. His expressionless expression faces the computer screen.

On the computer screen, it displays the solemn decoration of an office and there are a group of people wearing western-style clothes.

It is a video conference.

The manager of the marketing department is trembling in fear as he report.

Even across the screen, he felt intimidated in his heart when he saw the cold expression on the chairman’s face.

Don’t look at the chairman’s young age but there are some of them who are old men of the Xiao Clan. Who doesn’t know of the other party’s means?

Two years ago, Xiao Dong used terrifying means to pull down his father, Xiao Clan’s previous head, fall down from his high horse. And in the first six months, the old Xiao Dong’s people were all uprooted and replaced with his own people.
(TL: Dong means supervisor or director but since he’s already a chairman, I think they just call him that like a form of respect as he is a more powerful person.)

After more than a year, he also used his terrifying means to suppress the voices of the elders in the Xiao Clan.

Originally, those who looked at his young age wanted to bring him down or rely on him. Now they had already gave up on those thoughts and they dare not have the slightest movement at all.

Xiao Yan’s hand gently tapped on the table. On one hand, he listened to the marketing manager’s report while on the other hand, he thought of Ah Zhao.

I wonder, Is teacher already awake at this moment? Is she hungry? Does she feel uncomfortable?

While thinking about it, he simply couldn’t sit still.

Xiao Yan stood up all of a sudden.

The people in the office were shocked, especially the marketing manager. A middle-aged man, who was old enough to be called as Xiao Yan’s father, was scared stiff and cold sweat flowed out his whole body.

He asked with fear and trepidation: “Xiao, Xiao Dong, do you have any suggestion…...

Xiao Yan glanced at him and his lips were slightly lifted: “Go back and turn over this report to Lisa. I’m in a bit of a hurry. You can help yourselves.”

No one dares to say anything about this kind of egoistic manner.

It wasn’t long after Xiao Yan closed the video conference that the group of Xiao’s high level began to discuss. What is the urgent matter that the chairman encountered that he will be in a hurry?

In fact, how can it be an urgent matter? Xiao Yan just wanted to see Ah Zhao.

But it’s true that it is an urgentmatter.

In Xiao Yan’s eyes, the Xiao Group as a whole added up can’t be compared to a strand of hair of Ah Zhao.

When Xiao Yan came in the room, Ah Zhao was trying to get herself sit up.

She was just about to succeed when Xiao Yan shoved the door open and shouted ‘teacher’. It scared her so much her heart shook and he hand loosened…...

Her whole body laid down again.

This movement jolted her brain, making her dizzy and nearly vomit out.

Xiao Yan nervously ran over to her side and carefully raised her up: “Teacher, are you alright?”

Ah Zhao still feels dizzy at this moment. She simply closed her eyes, leaned against Xiao Yan’s arm and didn’t speak.

Xiao Yan became even more anxious: “I’m going to call the doctor.”

After Ah Zhao woke up, Xiao Yan directly made the doctor live in the villa so that the person can come at any time.

The doctor is a top-notch professor in the whole country. This kind of behavior is clearly an extreme waste of resources.
(TL: Labor is also a kind of resource in the economy.)

But who made this world a place where the rich and powerful be allowed to do anything as they please?

Ever since Xiao Yan understood this truth, he is unwilling to let go of this power from his hands again.

It’s because this is the only way he can better protect the person he’s holding in hsi arms.

“I, I’m fine.” Ah Zhao softly said.

She trusts the system more than a doctor.

Since the system said that she’s alright, then she really must be alright.

It’s just that this body had been lying down for too long, making it too weak. All aspects of her body had deteriorated too much, that’s all.

She rested for a while with her eyes closed while Xiao Yan held her without speaking.

After a while, Ah Zhao opened her mouth:

“Xiao Yan, let’s talk.”

[End of Chapter 40]


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