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Sunday, February 17, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 39


Chapter 39: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 39

When Ah Zhao woke up again, the system no longer called out for her to wake up.

Xiao Yan is not present either.

When she opened her eyes, she was instantly reminded of the previous matter.

How come…… it had turned into this?

Ah Zhao, who had never been exposed to feelings, feels somewhat helpless.

“Marshmallow, Marshmallow, tell me, why would Xiao Yan like me?”

The system’s white light flashed several times and it seemed to be thinking before replying: “The host is beautiful and has a gentle personality. Liking is very normal.”

And then it added with a little bit of shyness: “Marshmallow also likes host very much.”

Ah Zhao: “......” She’s really foolish, really. She already knew that the system is also foolish but she never knew that it was foolish to this extent.

She instead asked: “How about the completion of my mission?”

Speaking of this, the attitude of the system suddenly became serious.

Pure Marshmallow’s tone was heavy: “Host, there’s a piece of bad news that I have to tell you.”

Ah Zhao was startled: “What?”

Could it be that she failed her mission?

The system said: “Host, you need to be mentally prepared first. I’m afraid that you are too weak now and suddenly faint.”

Ah Zhao: “......Tell me, I’m strong.”

The soft system blankly spoke out with a hint of experiencing something great: “Originally, the host’s mission is doing well and is nearing its completion……”

Ah Zhao nodded. She also thought that she had done a great job before.

“But!” The system’s tone became heavy, “Ever since the host was hit by that dog, the male lead had completely changed.”

Ah Zhao: “???”

The system said: “Marshmallow had detected that the male lead’s spirit had been haunted by despair, desperation, dark hate and other kinds of negative energy. He even has a very serious pessimistic mood……”

Ah Zhao didn’t expect that Xiao Yan, who was obviously very normal, to have so much negative emotions.

“Then what should I do?”

The system said: “Until these emotions dissipate from the male lead, the host’s mission is obviously incomplete.”

Ah Zhao nodded.

The system once again said: “This kind of situation only emerged because we did not monitor the mishap. It was not within the scope of the mission.”


“So if the host is unwilling to continue, you can directly leave the mission world and give up the mission. It won’t be considered a failure.”

Give up the mission?

Ah Zhao was silent.

The truth is, Xiao Yan’s appearance and confession of feelings today made her surprised and at a loss on what to do.

Escape is the first thought she had.


“Marshmallow, if I give up the mission and leave the male lead, what will happen to him?”

The system thought for a moment and replied: “According to the scientific calculations, under the influences of these negative emotions, the male lead will most likely either have an anti-social behavior or self-mutilate within three years. In the end, he’ll either die young or end up in prison.”

Ah Zhao silenced down.

She knew herself that she doesn’t want to give up.

Within that year of getting along, Xiao Yan developed such feelings for her.

Is it that she doesn’t have any emotions?

It’s merely the feelings she thought of and the feelings of Xiao Yan are not the same.

Even then, letting her watch Xiao Yan have that kind of outcome.

She doesn’t want to.

It’s also impossible for her to just stand by and watch it.

She originally just came here for the mission.

But the difficulty of the mission had increased substantially.

“I don’t want to give up.”

“Marshmallow, I’m staying here.”

The system didn’t stop her. Whatever its host decided to do, it will unconditionally support her.

[End of Chapter 39]

TL: Poor Xiao Yan... But I still feel that the matter is too ridiculous. She should have made it to the headlines. The headline title should be like this: 

"Dog falls down from a building and hits a woman on the head. It lived!"

"Woman saved a dog from dying from a fall from a building and is now in a comatose state"

You get the gist.


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