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February 04, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 36

[TL's Gratitude: Shout out to frequent commenters such as PurityByDarkness, Lisha Sharma, FluffButt, Mino Micha, and TheSilentDarkAngel. Although I don't reply much, I read all the comments. Thank you for reading my translations of this novel (even if you only came for the novel itself and not me).]


Chapter 36: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 36

The system was especially happy when he heard Ah Zhao speak.

“You finally woke up, Host. You worried me to death.” Marshmallow said in surprise.

Ah Zhao’s heart had a touch of emotion, but she hadn’t feel that touched yet——

“The mission had not yet been completed. How can you die?”

Ah Zhao: “......”

She only felt a sudden burst of pain in her forehead.

“Can you tell me what happened?”

The system told Ah Zhao what happened after Ah Zhao fainted.

Ah doesn’t dare to believe it: “You said…...I was killed by a husky that fell from the sky, no, I was smashed into a human vegetable?”
(TL: Human vegetable = in a vegetative state = comatose)

System: “Yes, that’s right! The dog fell off from the twenty-sixth floor of the building and fell right on the host’s head.”

Ah Zhao: “......”

She thought for a long time. She finally choked out: “Did the husky’s owner pay for the damages?”

The system replied: “It’s not just losing money. The male lead took the family to court and demanded a sky-high compensation. The family can’t afford the compensation so the male lead threw the family to the temple to pray for the host.”

Ah Zhao: “......Xiao Yan, he……” How is he?

The system didn’t have time to answer it yet when the door suddenly opened.

With an expressionless face, Xiao Yan came in with a nutritious porridge.

These past five years, all the matters concerning Ah Zhao, he never passed it to others.

At the time when Ah Zhao stayed in the hospital for six months, the hospital determined that she doesn’t have any physical problems. However, she was unable to wake up at all.
(TL: This author really loved six months/half a year)

Xiao Yan took Ah Zhao to more than ten huge hospitals and all of them came to the same conclusion.

He simply took Ah Zhao to his home and took care of her himself.

This taking care lasted for four years.

He had long lost hope that his teacher will wake up. He just thought that accompanying her like this is also good.

He habitually looked over to the bed and came into contact with a pair of familiar eyes.

Xiao Yan’s hand trembled.

He tried to maintain his composure and he blinked his eyes as he looked at Ah Zhao.

He was afraid. Afraid that it was just his hallucination because, in the past four years, he already had hallucinations like this many times.

“......Teacher?” Xiao yan’s lips trembled and called out.

The sound was so light as if afraid to scare the person on the bed.

Ah Zhao couldn’t move. She tried to show a smile to him.

[This novel translation was originally posted in Huntress Translations Website]

The strength in his hand left and the things he was carrying smashed on the ground.

Xiao Yan didn’t go to care about them. He practically pounced himself on top of Ah Zhao’s bed.

He wanted to hug her but he was afraid that his strength will be too much and hurt her. His hand can only tremble and slowly, slowly caressed Ah Zhao’s face.

“Are you really awake?”

Ah Zhao felt touched by Xiao Yan’s reaction. She felt that she didn’t teach this student in vain.

However, this is not the right time for them to catch up.


Ah Zhao somehow found it difficult to speak: “Xiao Yan, I want to…… go to the bathroom.”
(TL: Nice first words! Really touching!)

But she couldn’t get up.

Xiao Yan froze and then laughed lowly.

“I’ll help teacher get up.” He said and then gently moved to lift Ah Zhao from the bed.

Ah Zhao originally thought that as long as she can get up and have something to hold for support, she can slowly walk over.

However, she underestimated the extent of her body’s weakness. Her feet just came in contact with the ground and it went directly went soft, making her whole body pounce into the ground.

Xiao Yan, who had already prepared for this early on, directly embraced the person.

“It’s still better to carry teacher over.” He didn’t wait for Ah Zhao to answer. He slightly stooped down and with one hand behind her knee, he effortlessly held her up.
[This translation was originally posted in Huntress Translations Website]

[End of Chapter 36]

TL: This is a chapter where I can only laugh and cry.


  1. Thanks for the chapter! Hope he doesnt peep in her while she does her bussiness.

  2. Sooo teacher Ah Zhao has been unconscious for 4 years? For a comatose person, their bed is their potty since you can't predict when they need to go to the toilet so you need to be prepared for the sleeping individual to let their bowl loose anytime. So does that mean Xiao Yan saw his teachers everything while cleaning her? I forgot Ah Zhao's body's circumstances, does she have a family? If she does I'm surprised they let Xiao Yan take care of her... Unless they're shitty family!

    1. She was actually comatose for 5 years. She stayed one year in the hospital then Xiao Yan brought her home because he's almost hopeless at that point. I don't know about how Xiao Yan took care of her and about her family. At this point, we should just go with the fiction mentality and ignore about that. I could just leave all of them to your imagination. Your imagination fill up the missing plots.

    2. Yes... She should have a urinary catheter and a feeding tube. Furthermore, since the ML decided to take care of her own his own rather than hire a professional, she's at very high risk for bed sores. Since she can't move, she would have to be rotated every couple of hours, too. We don't know if she got the appropriate passive exercising during this time either.

      The ML should have been wiping her down for bathing and defecation and all that, so he should have seen every inch of her body if he was taking proper care of her.

      Fictional magic treatment like this in nonfiction arcs annoy me. The magical Chinese injections to cure fevers confound me to no end, and then there's the fact that they need to summon a doctor for the slightest fever... The fact they all pass out from a little fever is pretty funny, though.

  3. Hi! Where can I find the raws of this novel?

    BTW, your translation is soo good. I wish he gets lovey-dovey with her already! <3

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    Thanks for the hard work!!


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