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February 02, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 35


Chapter 35: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 35

Xiao Yan looked at the people in the plaza and he seemed to be very focused.

Upon seeing this, Ah Zhao smiled and got up.

She found a young girl with a red badge: “Hello, can this big sister ask you a favor?”

Two minutes later, a young girl skipped with two little pigtails skipped in front of Xiao Yan.

She was holding a windmill toy in her hands that is spinning.

“Big brother, I’m sending you a gift!”

Xiao Yan stared blankly for a while: “Why are you sending me a gift?”

The little girl inclined her head to the side to think. She just grew her permanent teeth. She leaked a little gossip: “Because you’re not happy.”

“How did you know?” Xiao Yan engrossingly asked.

Ah Zhao watched the two people chatting. Xiao Yan was perhaps not aware of his own changes.

If it was in the past, he absolutely won’t have any interest in talking to a child he doesn’t know for so long.

“Because big brother didn’t go to play and didn’t even laugh.”

Xiao Yan looked at the windmill toy in her hand and smiled: “Did the big sister with the ponytail make you come over?"

The little girl was surprised: “How did you know……”

In the middle of talking, she realized that she blurted out the secret. She sticks out her tongue and shoved the windmill toy into Xiao Yan’s arm before running away.

“Isn’t she adorable?” Ah Zhao walked to Xiao Yan’s side.

Xiao Yan turned his head to look at her. He suddenly pulled Ah Zhao’s hand and held the person with his heart filled.

“Why does teacher care for me so much?”

He was very certain that there had never communicated nor had any connection between Ah Zhao and him before.

Why is she so nice to him?

Ah Zhao looked distracted, this question…...

Because you are my male lead ah.
(TL: I just want to clarify again that male lead = 男主 which can also mean male owner, male master, male god, male lord…)

She laughed: “Because you’re worth it.”

A sensitive and beautiful child who understands and care about her and can also be grateful to her kindness.

Even if she only cared about him at the beginning because of the mission, Ah Zhao also inevitably invested some sincereness nowadays.

Xiao Yan was silent for a moment: “I understand teacher’s thoughts. Next time, there’s no need to buy this kind of thing for me.”

He just doesn’t like these kinds of beautiful and delicate little things. He even has the urge to destroy them whenever he sees them.

Without waiting for Ah Zhao to speak, Xiao Yan continues: “I know what teacher meant.”

He held Ah Zhao hard: “Since that is what teacher wants, then I will try to change.”

“As much as possible, I will become the person that teacher wants me to become.”

He closed his eyes.

Even if in his mind he thinks that whether those people are happy or unhappy, kind or vicious, they have nothing to do with him.

Even if he sees that lovely gift, he doesn’t feel pleasantly surprised at all.

As long as the teacher wants it, he is willing to “change”

Whatever she wants him to become, he will let her see what she wanted to see.

It’s just acting. He’d been acting for so many years.

For the person he likes to see it, there wasn’t any reluctance at all.


(TL: Be ready for the “logical” and funny(sad) part of this world arc.)

The both of them left the amusement park. They didn’t go straight back home but they slowly strolled down the street for a while.

The night view of the city is beautiful.

Ah Zhao looked at the Ferris wheel far away and turned back: “Xiao Yan……”

“Host, be careful!”

The system suddenly screamed in Ah Zhao’s mind.

Ah Zhao subconsciously looked up and pushed Xiao Yan away without saying anything.

Then there was suddenly a sharp pain that came to her head.

At the last moment before she lost consciousness, she came in contact with a hairy and stupid face…...


“Host, wake up!”

Ah Zhao woke up with the sound of Marshmallow shouting for her to wake up.

“Don’t be noisy.” She feebly said.

She is really weak and without any strength. She doesn’t feel any pain but rather, she is limp and powerless from head to toe. Even lifting her hand feel strenuous for her.

[End of Chapter 35]



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