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Monday, January 07, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 26

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 26: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 26

Ah Zhao thought that the butler’s words are very weird.

“What should I prepare for?” She asked in return.

The butler was speechless: Right ah, what should she do to prepare?

In fact, the butler simply thought that if normal people encounter such a situation, won’t they get nervous about it? At least they would be a little bit more formal than usual. They will be a little bit different than normal.

But this Miss Xu, looking at her being calm is not good.

Is her willpower too big or that she has nothing to fear (because she has backing)?

As for Xiao Yan, whether he was happy or depressed, he always shows a calm and silent appearance which made the butler not see his emotions.

Ah Zhao listened to the butler who wasn’t speaking. She patiently waited for a minute to determine if the butler had a useful suggestion before taking Xiao Yan upstairs with her.

Nothing is more important than completing the task.

In other words, it means that in this world, there is nothing more important than matters related to Xiao Yan.

Therefore, when Xiao Yan’s father and Zhao Li arrived in the villa, they didn’t see Xiao Yan the first moment they came in.

Xiao Yan’s father was in his forties. As a man of this age, rarely maintaining his body was not bad and his figure was not out of shape. His appearance can also be regarded as a beautiful uncle.

Also, think about it, he could produce a handsome and dashing son such as Xiao Yan. How can Xiao Yan’s father have an unsightly part of him?

But he has a serious expression and there is also a deep printed impression in between his eyebrows, which is a trace left by long-term frowning.

He was not a good person to get along with at first sight.

Zhao Li was wearing a champagne-colored chang qun while holding Xiao father’s arms. She has a graceful and exquisite make up

(TL: chang qun=cheong sam=long skirt)

By her side also followed a young boy in a small suit. The young boy’s countenance looks delicate and adorable. It’s just that his expression looks too arrogant and willful. You can see at a glance that it was a child raised in a honeypot.

“Xiao Yan?” Father Xiao walked into the lounge and didn’t see the imagined figure. He couldn’t help but frown and he looked at the butler heavily.

The butler stooped down: “Young Master Xiao Yan is studying upstairs at the moment.”

Father Xiao coldly said: “Knowing that I am coming, he still wants to hide from me?”

“Simply disrespectful!” The look of disgust and intolerance was undisguised.

Zhao Li saw that her husband has such a reaction and she was extremely satisfied in her heart——She knows this man very well. It was extremely difficult to change his mind once he had an established impression on a person or a thing.

He doesn’t like Xiao Yan. So no matter what Xiao Yan does, he will only nitpick on what he’s dissatisfied about.

She doesn’t need to fan the flames on this kind of matter to stir up more trouble and irritate the person. Sometimes, it’s better to act as a “good person” and she can get better results this way.

“The child knows how to study hard and this is a good thing. What are you mad about?” She rebuked him with a smile on her face.

Looking at the son by the side: “Mo Mo, you go upstairs and call for your brother Xiao Yan to go down. Say that his father came to see him.”

Xiao Mo, who was looking around at that time, heard what she said and pouted, somewhat unhappy.

But looking at his father who was standing on the side, he shrank his neck in fear and went upstairs.

The butler hurried over: “I’ll lead the way for young master.”

“Young Master Xiao Yan, Sir and Madam came over.” The butler shouted outside the door.

Xiao Mo had never been here before but in his memory, he has a little impression left on Xiao Yan——For example, can be bullied and very good to bully.

Because he doesn’t have a mother, Father Xiao likes him (Xiao Mo). So if he bullies him (Xiao Yan), no one will say something for him.

He felt that that the butler was too timid. He only lifted his legs and kicked towards the door——Of course, it didn’t move.
(TL: HA! You think it will budge with your tiny frame, you weakling?)

Although the villa was in a very remote location, the quality of the equipment was guaranteed.

Xiao Mo didn’t only expect that it wouldn’t be a breeze to kick the door open and shock his brother but also didn’t expect that he will not be careful and sprain his foo

[End of Chapter 26]


  1. Lol serves you right. Who told you to kick the door in the first place.

  2. Ah Good Karma is great, Bad Karma is very fast- instant retribution XD

    THANK TL AND ED for your hardwork


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