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January 04, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 23

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 23: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 23

By the time they came downstairs, the doctor had arrived.

All kinds of examination were done and he finally came to the conclusion that Ah Zhao’s health was very good. She didn’t need injections. She only needs to take antipyretics and the fever will be good.

Ah Zhao dizzily sat for a while. After the doctor left, she dizzily walked back to her room to lie down and sleep.

Xiao Yan followed her until he saw Ah Zhao fall asleep. He covered her with a quilt and went to the door to leave.

Ah Zhao, his private tutor, was sick. Naturally, today’s lesson was also already terminated.

The servants who work inside the villa don’t have anything to do on the second floor.

Xiao Yan returned to his room and stood by the window. He looked at the row of tall the sycamore trees outside the window.

(TL: Sycamore (法国梧桐) - There are other names but I chose Sycamore)

Remembering Ah Zhao holding the quilt with a happy and peaceful expression, he smiled and took out his phone to dial a number.

“Uncle…… It’s me, Xiao Yan……”

(TL: Maternal Uncle)

If Ah Zhao were here, she would notice that the phone that the male lead took out was not the usual phone he used. Its style was very simple. It was an old-fashioned keypad phone that has already been eliminated from the market.

She was unaware but Xiao Yan was very clear about it. There was no such thing as secrets on the latest mobile phone on the market that the butler brought him.

If he calls anyone at this moment, the chat record will automatically appear in Zhao Li’s ear the next second.

That woman, she will never let him off.

Even if he was forced to be in this place, she was still unwilling to give up.

If it wasn’t for the support of his mother’s will, Xiao Yan won’t doubt that Zhao Li won’t use such “gentle” tricks but will directly make him disappear.

Xiao Yan showed an expressionless face as he hangs up the phone. At this moment, that reserved personality in front of Ah Zhao seemed to be an illusion.

He looked at the emptiness in front with a cold look: “Zhao Li, Xiao Hansheng (Xiao Yan’s father), Xiao Mo. The things you owe me. I’ll personally, little by little, take it back.”

Ah Zhao was awakened by Xiao Yan.

Being in the quilt was too comfortable and she was a little reluctant to get up.

The person at the side seemed to laugh a bit: “Is teacher teaching me to how to dawdle in bed?”

The quilt moved a bit.

The male lead has to walk to the pinnacle of life. How can he have a lazy habit?!

Ah Zhao turned over to sit up.

Her expression looks a little stupid, but she tried hard to make an honorable look: “Did you just call me to wake up a while ago? I didn’t hear it clearly.”

Xiao Yan said in his mind, you should at least open your eyes and say that again.

However, he didn’t expose Ah Zhao: “Lunch is already prepared. If teacher is really sleepy, wait until after eating lunch then you can sleep.”

Ah Zhao nodded and quite painfully crawled out of bed. She seemed to be like a walking soul as she went downstairs to eat.

From beginning to the end, she had a going-on-a-mental-journey face

When Ah Zhao almost closed her eyes after she finished drinking a bowl of seaweed soup that she usually was unlikely to eat, Xiao Yan couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Teacher is full. It’s better to take a rest.”

Otherwise, he was worried that the teacher would face plant on the table.

Stand up, go upstairs and go to bed in one go!

Ah Zhao laid down and she laid down for a whole week.

Xiao Yan was a little worried that she may have other diseases and called the doctor over for a thorough examination. It was concluded that it was only a common cold fever and she only needed rest.

Ah Zhao, who laid on the bed for a week, only felt that she was already a useless person.

She felt sore all over her body.

She planned to loosen up and relax a bit but the butler suddenly dropped a huge bomb:

“Sir and Madam said that they will come over tomorrow to visit Young Master Xiao Yan.”

[End of Chapter 23]


  1. Thank you for your hard work, can't wait for more! ᕙ༼*◕_◕*༽ᕤ

  2. I never understand why colds in Chinese series involve fevers, fainting, and sleep but leave out the coughing, runny noses, and dripping eyes. I also don't get why they immediately go to the doctor for the first sign of a cold, and they actually take medicine at the first sign of a cold. Even though they get checked out, they never run an X-ray to rule-out pneumonia or do any blood tests. Listening to the lungs might be enough to check for any obvious pneumonia, but still... I don't get why the patients involved don't just wait a week to see if it gets better and spare themselves the trouble.

    Is this a cultural thing, or are colds more deadly in China?


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