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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 21

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 21: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 21

It was not the smell of perfume.

Her smell was just like her own body. It’s fresh and not aggressive.

It was like a long stream of water. As people get accustomed to it, it became difficult to give it up.
The tip of Xiao Yan’s nose lightly sniffed the smell once. He didn’t speak again and carried Ah Zhao as he walked back to the villa.
The butler saw him carry Ah Zhao back. He looked very calm——probably because he saw a lot of things in the course of six months. It was no longer strange for him.

(TL: The butler’s always at the door. It’s really ZL’s dog.)
Xiao Yan seldom spoke to him——although, in Ah Zhao’s eyes, his change was awfully huge. But in fact, Xiao Yan doesn’t like to take the initiative to talk to people except for Ah Zhao.
“Butler,  bring me antipyretic medicine and call the doctor.”

The butler subconsciously nodded. He didn’t react until the male lead carried the person upstairs.
Xiao Yan carried Ah Zhao to the door of the room.

“Teacher, where is your key?” he asked.

The person on his back didn’t give any reaction.

Xiao Yan turned to look at the former: “Teacher.”
Ah Zhao’s tender and beautiful face appeared before his eyes, her eyes were closed tightly——he didn't realise when she had gone to sleep.

Her heated breath hits the side of his face. Xiao Yan moved with a little discomfort and looked at Ah Zhao.
Two seconds later, he sighed lowly as if he had already decided.

His footsteps slightly altered and he walked to the room beside her room.

The door had automatic iris recognition. Xiao Yan walked straight into the room while carrying Ah Zhao.
The interior of his room was extremely simple. Except for a bed, a bedside table and a wardrobe, there were nothing else in his room.
He moved somewhat shakily to place Ah Zhao on his bed.

Ah Zhao was unexpectedly very familiar with the bed. As soon as she got in contact with the soft bed, she instinctively kicked off her shoes off her feet and held the quilt to wrap herself into a silkworm cocoon.

Xiao Yan watched this scene with some novelty. He felt as if he had a new understanding of Xu Zhao today: She will unconsciously act spoiled and will even do such unfeminine movements

“Young Master?” The butler stood at the door in shock as he held the medicine box in his hands.
(TL: Oh look! He's at the door again)

He thinks that he might have some problems with his eyes. How else could he have seen Young Master Xiao Yan bring Miss Xu into his room?

And even placed her in his own bed!

Who didn’t know how serious Young Master Xiao Yan’s mysophobia is?

Ordinarily, no one can touch him except for Miss Xu Zhao.
Not to mention his private area, even his bedroom.
For a long time, even Miss Xu Zhao didn’t get the chance to enter his bedroom (as far as he knows), not to mention Young Master Xiao Yan’s bed!

In Young Master Xiao Yan’s heart, is how he treats Miss Xu so special and important?

Thinking of Xu Zhao’s identity and then the Madam’s words, the way the butler looked at Xiao Yan suddenly somehow has a disturbing implication.

In case…… In case that one day, Young Master Xiao Yan knew that Miss Xu was someone found by the Madam to especially approach him…...

The butler didn’t dare to think what the teenager in front of him would do.

He lowered his sight and pressed down the trace of sympathy that rose in his heart: Each person is his own master. It is better to discard this unnecessary sympathy.

“Here’s the medicine box. The antipyretic and cold medicine are inside. It will also take ten minutes before the doctor arrives.”
Xiao Yan nodded and went to the door to take the things in the butler’s hand: “Thank you for the trouble.”

(TL: He said it in a polite tone. Not Xie Xie)
He didn’t let the butler enter his room.  

The door closes.

Xiao Yan found the right medicine but then he fell into contemplation:

Now the question is, how can he make the teacher who was sleeping take the medicine?

[End of Chapter 21]

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TL: Catching up with chapters I didn't translate in the past week. We have three more (plus the sponsored chapters) to catch up. We may have everyday chapters now and not every 2 days until it returns to normal. By the way, Happy New Year everybody!


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