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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 30

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 30: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 30

Ah Zhao frowned

She didn’t say much. She just pushed the bowl of soup on the table to Aunt Zhang: “I don’t mean anything. I’ll give this soup to Aunt Zhang for you to drink.”

Aunt Zhang’s complexion changed: “Is Miss Xu hating me, this old woman, for being useless?”

She looked at Xiao Yan who was sitting across Ah Zhao and her voice rose suddenly: “Although I am useless, I’ve been working hard here for all these years. Even without credit, there’s still hard work. Miss Xu, if you see that I’m not pleasing to the eyes, just say it. I’m not here to hinder your eyes, why do you deliberately criticize me?”

(TL: Shameless! Just effing shameless! It reminds me of typical aunt villains. BTW, this paragraph is longer than normal.)

In Aunt Zhang’s heart, Ah Zhao was nothing.

There were always people who liked to use their most malicious assumptions to speculate on others even though they see that others are stronger than them in all aspects.

It was as if this was the only way for her to find a little balance.

Generally speaking, Aunt Zhang was exactly like this. Otherwise, with Ah Zhao being such a young, beautiful and knowledgeable girl, what does she (Aunt Zhang) make of herself as to have a sense of superiority?

Ah Zhao was very unlikely to quarrel with others. She also felt that there was nothing to quarrel about with Aunt Zhao.

She nodded when she heard Aunt Zhang’s words: “Well since it's your idea, then I think that you can’t even make soup. There are even ingredients I don’t know that smells stinky. Really useless.”
(TL: Roasted!)

“Since it’s like this, you should leave.”

Ah Zhao felt that she was very good at understanding others.

See, the previous words were said to her by Aunt Zhang herself. She just followed her idea.

It was a pity that Aunt Zhang apparently didn't appreciate her kindness.

She glared at Ah Zhao fiercely then cried to Xiao Yan: “Young Master Xiao Yan, I’ve been cooking for you for many years. Will you let Aunt Zhang be bullied?”

Xiao Yan was apparently finding things somewhat difficult.

He looked at Ah Zhao and then looked at Aunt Zhang, seemingly comparing who was more important in his mind.

Finally, he looked at the butler: “Butler, what do you think?”

The butler sighed in his heart. It seemed that Young Master Xiao Yan didn’t have his own views and opinions. He had to ask others about this matter.

His heart thought of this but the butler’s face didn’t show any of his thoughts.

“The soup is bad but it is served to young master to eat. It is really Aunt Zhang’s fault. But considering the years of affection, you can deduct a day’s salary.”, the butler said.

Ah Zhao puffed up her cheeks.

These words indeed seemed impartial.

Aunt Zhang’s face looked joyful. She knew that the butler will help her.

She triumphantly looked at Ah Zhao and just as she was about to say something: “I say……”

Xiao Yan’s clear and melodious voice once again sounded: “But…… I don’t want teacher to be unhappy.”

The butler and Aunt Zhang were both shocked.

Xiao Yan had been focusing on looking at Ah Zhao: “Teacher is the most important person for Xiao Yan. I don’t care about affection or credit. It’s bad to make teacher upset.”

Ah Zhao’s heart trembled.

She knew in her heart that this may be deliberately said by the male lead and may not necessarily true.

But when she heard it——especially with the other party’s focused and gentle eyes still staying on her face, she only felt her heartbeat become a little faster.

Xiao Yan had reached his hand out to grabbed her hand, nearly acting like a spoiled child with a spoiled tone: “Teacher, I will drive her out. Don’t be upset anymore, okay?”

The butler frowned: “Young Master, you should not……”

Xiao Yan grabbed Ah Zhao’s hand and didn’t even turn his head: “Butler, don’t try to persuade me. I won’t listen to it.”

Aunt Zhang suddenly said in a loud voice: “If you do this, I will actually go to Sir and Madam for them judge what’s right and wrong!”

Xiao Yan looked back at Aunt Zhang with no expression on his face. He quietly said: “This villa is left to me by my mother.”

[End of Chapter 30]

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TL: Nevermind, I'll just post irregularly during the week but I'll still have 3-5 chapters per week. There may be two a day or just none that day. Anyway, thanks for reading. Stay awesome!


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