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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Male Lead, You're Overpowered 29

Edited by: Silv

Chapter 29: Rich and Powerful Young Master is a Little Cold 29

Zhao Li took her bag and stood up. She looked back at the two before hurriedly following.

Xiao Mo coldly snorted at Xiao Yan and pulled a face before also smugly following out.

The butler and the other servants in the villa rushed up to send the few people out.

In the huge lounge, only Ah Zhao and Xiao Yan, these two people, were left.

Ah Zhao looked a little helpless at the person who was still hiding behind her.

After all this time of getting along with him, Ah Zhao didn’t believe that Xiao Yan is a person who becomes frightened by someone with an imposing manner and couldn’t stand against it.

How can the male lead be terrified like this!

Well, even if he is a little frightened at first, she took the trouble for half a year to instruct him and managed to completely change it.

Xiao Yan straightened his body but he didn’t go to Ah Zhao’s side. Rather, he took the opportunity to reach out and hug Ah Zhao’s waist.

Ah Zhao: “!!!”

She nearly jumped up because of this sudden move.

This- what is this?

Xiao Yan buried his head on the neck of the person in front of him. Ah Zhao couldn’t see the curvature on his lips.

“Teacher, I feel very sad.” He bowed his head and rubbed against her head.

Ah Zhao: “......”

She still felt that there was something wrong and tried to reason with him: “You can tell teacher that you’re sad but I don’t think our position is appropriate……”

Xiao Yan didn’t let go of her and instead hugged her more tightly.

“I didn’t think he’d be that cold.” His voice sounded sad and low as he spoke.

“Teacher’s body is very warm.” He sighed as he mumbled low. His breath puffed onto Ah Zhao’s neck.

Ah Zhao only felt that the skin touched by his breath felt hot. She somewhat uncomfortably moved her body: “Xiao Yan……”

“Please let me hug you for a while. Okay, teacher?” Xiao Yan begged.

Ah Zhao…… Ah Zhao was successfully hit by the male lead’s pitiful look and finally gave up resisting.

She stretched out her hand, patted the male lead’s arm and sighed: “There’s nothing wrong with making teacher comfort you when you’re sad”

“But Xiao Yan ah……” She guided him patiently, “As a boy, you can’t be so weak ah.”

She always felt that the male lead is too sensitive. This matter made him feel sad and reminded him of the past. As a man, he still needs to be psychologically stronger.

Xiao Yan smiled. He finally loosened his hand and stepped back: “Okay, Teacher. I’m alright now.”

Ah Zhao was still not relieved and looked at him: “Are you really alright now?”

Actually, she still somewhat understood Xiao Yan. Being treated like that by his biological father, the person will naturally feel sad.

That Xiao Hansheng is really not human!

Xiao Yan shook his head.

He still continued to hug the teacher. He might be misunderstood as not masculine enough as a result and the gains might not make up for the losses.

“Teacher, don’t worry. I’ve already accepted it.”

Ah Zhao nods.


Since the arrival of Xiao Yan’s father, the change in the attitude of the people in the villa can be visibly seen.

The head of the Xiao family did not like Xiao Yan. Everyone saw it with their own eyes.

Some people with active minds, such as Aunt Zhang, were already thinking of an escape route for themselves.

Similarly, on the surface, her work, naturally also changed from the former dedication.

“Aunt Zhang, why does today’s soup tastes so strange?” Ah Zhao frowned and spat out the seafood soup in her mouth. She also looked at Xiao Yan and shook her head to let him know that he shouldn’t drink it.

Aunt Zhang opened her eyes wide open in shock: “Oh Miss Xu, what are you talking about? Isn’t this the usual soup? It’s exactly the same thing. What do you mean by your words?”

[End of Chapter 29]

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